Rewards for higher barracks levels

Instead of higher level barracks just unlocking access to higher troop levels, couldn’t you speed up the troop training as you go. It is currentlu sooooo glacially slow to level up troops its actually rather boring.

I’m in total agreement with you on this. I wish I could figure out where my newest 4* lady hero went missing to. I finally get one she is from the yellow class and I noticed that she’s gone. When I started my game yesterday and today can’t find her anymore. Has that ever happened to you? Also I have a new player who is a friend of mine who likes the game. His player name is 63MrJimboW I think he’s at level 13 or 14 now. I’ve been helping him with things that he’s had trouble with in the game. But I’m wondering why I haven’t received the VIP bonus I was supposed to get when he reached level 10. At least that’s what they have to say that I am supposed to receive if I have a refer a friend section. CabinBeaver56 nice chatting with you and maybe they will be able to fix my glitches. Success in your battles.

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