Rewards for being loyal to the game

perhaps if the heros is completelly leveled up you unlock a field where you can decide if the heros should be able to get in summons or not. like the talent roaster. but i think this is too much work and wont work fine. there will be questions like: what if you have all red heros leveled up and then do a fire elemental summon? you would be able to get exactly the hero you want to have. or only 5* heros. i believe, many peoples have leveled up almost all red 4* heros. the idea is good but i dont think this can work

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I think an annual anniversary gift for players would b cool. And as ur anniversary years add up so do the bonus gifts. But I don’t think 5​:star:s is the way to go. U would have by year 2 probably created 317,365 new threads about how rare ascension items are too hard to find or they should b for sale. It eventually would end up causing complaints guaranteed. I think gems, rare times or even a cool super bundle package would b pretty sweet. But I do totally agree with loyalty rewards. So I will vote yes. Good idea. :+1:


thx :slight_smile:
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E&P has his own birthday and we celebrate it but we should remember to each single player too. Maybe SG could give a present to them. Some of damascus blade or epic token or energy flasks :slight_smile:

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Get to choose 1 ascension item of your choice on your birthday once a year.

How much damage can that make?

@Garanwyn there is another thread on this, might be an idea to merge them.


Merged. Thanks! :heart_decoration:


Or what also would be cool and not too OP: After every year you played the game and where logged on at least on 300 days you will be able to spin a wheel with the 5 elemental colors and then you can choose a hero from the spinned color and not from every hero in the game. that would be also insane and not too OP. what do you think about this?

@Kerridoc what do you think about this? you werent really happy about choosing any hero, so i think it would be cool if you could spin a wheel with the five elemental colors, when you were logged in on at least 320 days of the last year. and than you can choose a hero from the spinned color. it would people motivate pretty good i think, bcs they can set themselves a new goal to reach in the future and then to work on their wanted hero. it would be much more motivating to level up a chosen albi for example, than a randomly other 5 star hero like quintus e.q

I could see the other way around being more likely and potentially more useful: you choose an element, and the game gives you a random 5* in that element. My alt had the worst time getting a blue 5*; being able to fix that directly would have been welcome.


yea. that would be very cool :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine SG giving away free 5* heroes (that would be awesome, but i don’t think they will do that), if they do anniversary gift i think they will mail something like some loot tickets, 30 gems, and a cake avatar. 2nd year you get the silver cake avatar, 3rd a golden cake. or something boring like that. i voted anyway i like the idea.

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I am starting to think that we akready get our loyality rewards when we get one of those extremely hard to rings once every 6 months… lol

I SURE SG must look at giving one of those out as a Loyality reward…lol

Bring this up again and thx for everyone who voted :slight_smile:

I support this! Too few games reward you for being loyal.

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My proposal of pity timer would probably resolve this issue. Added bonus is that with my suggestion it might incentivise some people to spend $ because they know they’re close to getting one, as opposed to some big spenders (zero, anchor mensions it) who have stopped spending because the RNG truck has come to a halt


How about an additional builder, once you reach a certain level? Say Level 50.

If you’ve paid for VIP, then this gives you 3 builders, which given the ridiculously long build times would actually let players put their iron to work instead of having both builders tied up for over a week straight each!

It would allow some players to decide to forgo their VIP and rather than employ a 3rd builder, they would stay with two and just allocate their gaming expenditures in alternative ways.

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A couple of rewards in the form of 3 * and 4 * AM give away on every 30, 40, 50, 60…XP level will be just nice. With aditional piece of EHT on 50!

Yep, some casinos do… buffet, free hotel stay, concert tickets etc


Free drinks … although I bet casinos quickly recover the cost of those. :wink:


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