Rewards for being loyal to the game


Are they not running TC20s?


I have played for almost 2 years and have only gotten one 5* from a tc 20. Other than that it is usually 3* That come from tc 20, I have 3 tc 20 and most often get 3*. Also spend an average of 30 to 50 dollars a month. Would be nice to be appreciated once in a while.


ofc they are, just have no luck.


@ItsaDragon see, no luck here too…


@Kerridoc and @Boolz i hope you support this too :slight_smile:


@LordWoodland @Chris5 @Garanwyn

That is truly odd as I have seen the drop rate is 5% (Garanwyn tagged for fact goodness). So if you have a TC20 up for say 400 days I would think the odds would be pretty low to not get more than one 5*.

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I have more than one 5*. 3 total 2 from summon and one from camp also I’m level 47.


I support the general concept, but not this particular implementation. Suppose on Day 499 your TC20 pops out, say, Kadilen. Had you gotten Renfeld as usual, then on Day 500 you could have selected Lianna! To avoid this, rational people approaching Day 500 would stop doing anything that might result in drawing a 5* hero, which is a perverse outcome.

I’d rather see a new Mission with truly meaningful rewards for logging in on consecutive days. Something like this:

  • 30 days: Awarded Belith
  • 60 days: Melia
  • 90 days: Kiril
  • 180 days: Proteus
  • 360 days: Lianna
  • 730 days: Poseidon

Or similarly good heroes.


Niantic’s Ingress did something like this and it pissed people off. Damaged device, sick, hospitalized, on vacation, etc. breaks the consecutive streak. I was sick and had to start over at 300/ 365 days so took me over 665 days to reach 365 consecutive.

Niantic’s Pokemon GO uses non consecutive daily login for 5* heroes summons.


The innitiative is ok, but I dont agree with the rewards being heroes given.

I’m a f2p and I dont agree that f2p players should gain 5*/4*/3* heroes after specific periods. Why did the other players spent their money? Is not fair and it’s not good for bussiness.

My suggestion would be to give an amount of gems + other farmables (emblems, trainers, vips) (not heroes, not something that other spent so much money to get or just attempted) which would increase for every specific (and follows the criteria):
1 - number of days since started playing (lowest)
2 - number of days in which the player actually logged in (multiplies/adds gems)
3 - number of consecutive days in which the player actually logged in (multiplies/adds gems)
4 - number of chests opened, in which every type of chest has its “weight” as per difficulty (further more multiplies/adds gems)

and i suggest that this to be made as a mission so that the player can actually see his progress

Ofcourse the reward can be gained at set period of time as @Kerridoc suggested.

Imo, solution should be for all, should not unbalance the present state, should not defavorize/favorize f2p / c2p / p2p and the random factor should remain a part of it as in every other existent feature.


I’m not loyal to this game, I’ll openly admit it

…I have another I play so I don’t get hurt or frustrated with pulling 3* S1 heroes from EVENT or Atlantis .it’s not cheating , it’s just how I am managing.

I’ve been bunt by SG a few times well and picked up the pieces and moved along… Sure I’ll still play and endure and hope improvements make me stay with EP.

I think that the 500 day loyalty for a free avatar or button ( which do not count for stats or anything) just aesthetic /cosmetics , is a good idea.

But I don’t expect anything #justsaying
If it happens cudos, if not , no big deal . :no_mouth:

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Seriously? Does the Casino give you free jackpots for regular attendance? Do your buddies say hey, you’ve attended poker night all year, so you get an extra card?

The most I see out of this is a free spin, I.e. an epic troop token as a freebie once in a while, or a special offer.

I’ve never understood this attitude from players that they are somehow entitled to something that when put into the context of any other game is clearly ludicrous.



You are right, casinos do not give freebees to loyal customers. They either give an offer you can’t refuse (tainted of course). Or they do give you a freebee that really isn’t anything but keeps the customer happy for getting something free.

Both can apply here limited loyalty offer paid in gems of course like a guaranteed 5* pull for 750 gems.
A free avatar or pin will not benefit the people but keep them happy as they get a freebee.


OP was just suggesting - hence it’s an idea . No demand from SG was ever made … so hold on to your opinion

Lol. Have you been to a casino? ( Actually don’t answer ; it’s rhetorical). But to answer , you kind sir are a tad bit incorrect, some do.

Also , I know everyone has an opinion, but OP created this under an idea /suggestions - and to VOTE. If we aren’t in agreement so be it - just don’t vote. I don’t understand why there’s a rant to go with it .

Carry on.


Totally wrong as they do but they are real life casinos. In fact every casino and club does as loyality rewards keep players coming back.

Why not use other online games as a more appropriate example.

Most big money making games do offer extra bonuses for spending so much like avatars, heros, bonus tokens etc etc.
They do bonuses like boosts in game play and many other advancing options. The bottom line is they pretty much all offer some sort of loyality bonus.

SG on the otherhand offer absolutely nothing in regards to loyality bonus, spending bonuses other than a minor percentage in the amount of gems you gem based on how much you spend and is no different to every other game online and all still offer loyality bonuses on top.

It’s time SG started stood up to the mark placed themselves in line with other online games and offered loyality rewards and/or spending bonuses.

Players need incentives not just options to keep spending.

NOTE; This is just a quick search I did online on loyality rewards and this link was the first one that came up.

But then read a couple others. How far behind the times is SG in this regards, really.


Upon reflection it probably is a little overboard to reward with heroes. A better proposal would be to reward with a chance at a non-farmable ascension item. They always seem to be in shorter supply anyway.


Maybe as it was only 1 suggestion. But really in all honesty would offering a hero really affect the outcome of the game if it means keeping players interested and content by offering such useful goal.


This could be seen in the light of business- to customer relationship, incorporating loyalty program is not uncommon,
However marginal it could be, it will certainly benefit both parties.

Rewarding a loyal player on length of stay, number of consistent log- ons and plays inclusive for a period of more than one year, won’t be a bad idea.( Say it’s a good idea😊) probably not with regular heroes nor HotM, but a specific hero not available on summon portals and has peculiar skills and feature, must be 5 star.,that any player who has attained such loyalty level can gain, no randomness, just plain sure and certain reward.


“but a specific hero not available on summon portals and has peculiar skills and feature, must be 5 star.,that any player who has attained such loyalty level can gain, no randomness, just plain sure and certain reward.”

Yes like this idea 100% cool!

For whale who buy a lot of gem, I don’t think they will envy with one who only can hope 5* from TC20 and some luck once in a while (1 year period).


Personally, due to power creep, rewarding a hero would be a bad idea. Say they actually did a 365 day long in reward, and the reward was Elkanan. Would that excite you?

Now say the 365 day reward is a new object of affection called a 10 Pull Token? Gems, if they rewarded them, should be doled out in smaller amounts. But a free 10 pull after a year? Seems reasonable to me. Just up the odds for that token and call it good.

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