Rewards for being loyal to the game

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I have following issue. Some of my teammates play the game for more than 600 days now and have only gotten one 5* hero. What, if all players which play the game for 500 days could choose one heros which they will become for sure? Ofc players which already play longer than one or two years would have to be rewarded belatedly. This would really safe the interest of most of the players to play the game longer. Can a SG staff member please comment this.

Thanks in advance

This reward for loyal player actually is good idea. Free Avatar, pin, flag, background ( all of this is luxury for almost player who don’t spent much money)
Guaranteed 1. 5* heroes from TC 20 for 1 year player , 5* heroes from event for 2 year player and 5* HOTM for 3 year player (randomly or we can choose it) and if the player celebrate 5 year it can be rewarded with 2 of 5* heroes . This will be cool.


ye thats what i thought about. and i mean: it definitelly wouldnt hurt SG at all


imo there are only good aspect in this. frustrated players which havent gotten their first 5* hero or have only 1 of them would be definitelly more motivated to play the game longer and not to leave


please vote for this if you think the same as me

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and players which already play longer than one or two years would have to be rewarded belatedly

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I think its a good idea, but i sugest to be after one year playing. Happy birthday :smiley:
That will for sure keep players more motivated


yes, like lagun wrote. every year you play you’ll get a small gift from SG. that would be awesome and not really a big deal for them


and with “small gift” i mean a 5* hero


SG staff are very good about reading the ideas that are posted here. Quite a number of new features in the game have come from idea posts.

But they essentially never comment on posts like this. Rest assured, though, that they really will read this thread and think about it.


I have happily voted for your idea of a free Thorne every year


Whahahaa throne, Elkanen, Horgall you make my day.


Like the idea for loyal player rewards but would go for number of days actually logged on. Or at least let that be a factor to see if you are entitled to the reward.

Lets say after a year since the first logon if you logged on at least 325 days in that period.


@Garanwyn @Rook This should be merged with others to increase votes as this has been discussed a number of times.

Having said that I totally support it also.

I reckon receiving a HOTM that is current on that month of your 1st anniversary of being in the game would be a great start.

Other rewards could work on number of consecutive days playing, like say login for 365 straight days and recieve 1 or 2 ascension items of your choice, 600 days ? And so on.

I will place my vote once it has been merged as I am sure I already voted before on this.



Agreeeee 20 chaaaaaracter


thx. :slight_smile: hope SG will take it serious and implement this.

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yeah, that would make sense too. :+1:

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cool, thx for the support. it would be highly recommended to choose whatever hero you want i think. but the HOTM would also be insane :slight_smile:

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Your welcome, good ideas should be supported. :+1:


I hope its come true…