Rewards doesn't have sense

As title says, rewards are totally senseless and algorithm is not good at all!

How else could be explained for example rewards for titan where I for several last titans got nothing worthy (N-O-T-H-I-N-G) due to the fact that I’m always in top 5 attackers and someone got 3*/4* ascencion material several times in a row despite he is grade C, even D once! Some are not even active half than I (at most three attacks and 30k damage to 9/10* Titans and still better rewards). And this is already common case that alliance members that broke flasks in order to kill Titan got absolutely nothing and others that sometimes hit the Titan got worthy rewards. Is it fair - I don’t think so.

Since January I have two camps level 20 and I didn’t get single 5* hero - not even one hero… And for seven month of playing I got only THREE 5* heroes despite I had hundreds of summons (three times x 10)

Not to mention that last three rewards for colored chest are 3x three silver token - not even one gold, and some material not even worthy to mention.

So, to conclude - this algorithm is bad, rewards are awful and unfair and I consider this like hitting in a brain as always when effort is not rewarded properly!

Maybe isn’t fair that strongest players got better rewards for Titan , but make it that players that is most engaged (have 100% of possible attacks for example) have better reward than someone else that have only 16% of possible attacks (1 of 6 possible). Same as in war where reward depend on participation in war. And I think this is fair.


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Hi SGM, I have some problems with rewards of event…, i didn’t received any rewards. Also the titan rewards i think is a joke from 3-4 months
Nothing for 5*…

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