Rewards Chests



Just wondering how good peoples rewards are from the raid, hero and titan chests. Mine seem to be really bad compared to my alliance teammates. Even when i use gems to speed up to the next chest, im lucky to get anything of worth. Usually its iron, food, a couple of 1 and 2* items and 1 or 2 gems. Out of my last 4 combined chests i have gotten 7 gems total where my alliance mates get 5 per chest. Just wondering if others get bad loot or it’s just me.


Honestly seems pretty standard. Unfarmable ascention mats, epic tokens etc., tend to be the exception not the rule.

The only chests with more desirable items tend to be the rare wanted chests and the war chests.


I’ve found that I get at least 1 week per month where I get a roll-on with receiving Rare Ams, they’re mostly from Raid/Titan/Elemental chests and Titan/AW Rewards. Very rarely do I see a Rare Am from my Monster Chest or Mystic Vision; mainly get Trainer Heroes a day or 2 a week.


Monster/raid chests - always garbage.

Titan chest used to be good most of the time, but seems to be on par with the regular chests as of late.


I get crappy loot from those too. After I got to 1200 trophies the loot got better though.


You may look here to see people rewards