Rewards: Challenge Event vs Ninja Tower

What am I missing? The Ninja Tower seems much more difficult, battle item intensive, and time consuming compared with the Challenge Event. Is this something we can agree on? Or is my strategy for the Ninja Tower so bad and it’s actually quicker and easier than the Challenge Event?

Let’s just assuming that Ninja Tower is harder and more of a challenge. With that “assumption” in mind, how come there are multiple nonfarmable ascension mats and 300 emblems when one completes the challenge event BUT the reward for completing ninja tower is 30 emblems? (Or was it 50?) and yes there are other emblems picked up along the way and for higher ranks (but when I complete it I’m at the same rank as an alliancemates who topped out at level 45 so that doesn’t really count IMO).

This seems way out of whack. Someone explain where my logic is off.


I agree Ninja Tower is more difficult. I agree it’s more time consuming.

I disagree on your assessment of emblems from NT.
Completing the Ninja Tower gives you 150+ emblems along the way, another 80 from rewards chests, plus you get more depending on where you place. Top 25k (a rank I’m guessing is reasonable if you complete NT in the first place) get another 200 emblems on top of it. The great thing about NT is you can stop at any level and know pretty clearly what the next level earns you so you know how much effort to put into it. You can make the decision on is it worth it on each stage.

I’m not sure this game necessary has a correlation between using resources always being worth it. Grinding 8-7 with all of my world energy is more time intensive than NT and there is a clear difference in rewards from each of those.


Ninja tower is far more difficult and tactical than events, yet the rewards are basically trash compared to event which I can breeze through without using any high end items.

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I hear ya on total emblem haul. It’s not shabby. However for two players, one who finishes and one who doesn’t (say they top out at level 47) AND both end up in the same ranking tier, the player that completed it get maybe 40 more emblems. That’s the thing that seems off to me.

I agree. Most difficult than any other facets in the game. But that’s where strategy comes to play. Even with not too deep a bench, one can finish it still as long as you are able to adapt to a strategy where oni curses are minimized. I mainly opted for the lantern minions. They help a lot both on offense and defense.

Not necessarily. I’ve finished the last Tower with minimal battle items used, mostly minor healing and mana potions and banners.

I agree. But if I find myself strapped of time, I’d ignore this event. Luckily, I am still able to squeeze a few finished tower levels during office breaks and before going to bed.

At the end of the day, a player can choose to ignore any events in the game they deemed to have the least payout in their opinion. Only players with enough time in their hands, either because they are free from any filial or professional obligation, or are better in time management. Even with subpar rewards, accumulating those emblems and other not-so-good goodies will payout in the long run, edging themselves from their peers. I was just lucky getting a 4* ascension mat from the final chest in the previous NT.


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