Rewards are they gonna get better

So ova the rewards r they gna get better or jus getting mre pathetic,

99% of your effort was put into the title of this and 1% was put into the post.

To answer your title, I feel like my rewards have gotten better in the past few months. I have gotten better at playing though.


That was completely inappropriate. If you didn’t like what he/she said… move on instead of blurting out destructive criticism. LLAP


That is from my last monster chest and it is lame. So I am not really waiting for an improvement

I agree with the fact that sometimes chest rewards are an offense to the player, but sometimes they are also good, with what I will never agree with is the rewards that 80% of times the Titans give, because it supposes A great effort to defeat them and truly disappointing when they do not give you good rewards.

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No, it was completely appropriate.

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In a way it has with class emblems, but when you need 125 or so to go to the next level, getting 2-3 from a chest is a little “meh”

In reality, I believe it will have to get better. They can’t sell heroes people can’t level. I know my spending has gone way down now that I have so many heroes I can’t level. Something will have to change if they want me to keep spending. We’ve got Wonderland coming very soon and I am not nearly as excited about the heroes as I should be because I now think of them as just pictures in my bench that serve no function. I have too many like that now.

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