Rewards are scarce in version 36

I have cleared 3-36-9 129 times so far to complete the Avatar mission.
It’s a tough challenge for my heroes, but the clear rewards are good and numerous, and I’m happy.

However, in version 36, the clear reward has deteriorated sharply.

I have a question for the staff.
Did you reduce the chances of 3 star items and 4 star items appearing?
Did you also reduce the probability of appearance of adventurer’s kit?
Why did you do such an extra thing?
Don’t you need a lot of good rewards for difficult stages?
If Season 4 is great, isn’t it necessary to make Season 3 worse?

I’m very disappointed with version 36 right now.
If this problem doesn’t go away, my disappointment will be even greater.

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As the wise and venerable Yoda once said:

“One set of screenshots does not a reliable data set make”

Honestly cannot tell ANYTHING from what you’ve shown…

If you get a larger sample size (say 100 runs) you can potentially make a statistically valid inference but ONLY if you have a large sample size from the “before” scenario also…

You can compare your actual data-set to the information that BarryFarmzHere has graciously aggregated and analysed, but as I said. Your one data set means nothing unfortunately.


At first, I thought it was the result of a series of bad coincidences.
But after updating to version 36, it was a bad reward I hadn’t experienced twice in a row, so I took a screenshot the third time.
These are the three images above.

I know it’s too small statistically, but I disagree with the opinion that even at the stage of 10 points of world energy consumption, you must clear the statistically meaningful number of times to protest. …

It’s an unnatural idea to speculate that my past 126 clear rewards were all good and the current 3 clear rewards were all bad because of the updates to version 36 that took place during that period. I don’t think.

Do you have screenshots of the previous 126 or is that just from remembrance? Have you compared what you got to the statistically significant results in Barry’s data? Due diligence is needed here.

There are no previous screenshots.
In the first place, I wouldn’t think of saving all the images unless I suspect that something is happening.

What I’m looking for is an official staff answer.
“Did you change the probability of getting rewards in Season 3?”
The facts informed by this question, and the answers, are important, while my or others’ guesses are not at all important.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll get an official answer here unless there is a very large group of players with this question. You can try posting a bug in-game and see what they say. But then they may just say to come see if there are others on the forums with this question.


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