Rewards and summons

The rewards in quests and mission are to low. A lot of players quit the game in the last days because there is no fun any more in the game. When you are only waiting for the needed ascension materials for several weeks it makes no sence to play the game any more. Because we want to play a game and not only waiting that it goes on.
Also the the heroes which can be received in summons are very frustating. Sure you want to earn money with the game, but don’t forget the players want to PLAY! And a lot of people spend money in the summons and receive only 3 star heroes. They will not do this very often and quit the game at least very frustrated.
So I please you to think about how you can improve the possibilty to get 4 and 5 star heroes and especially the needed ascending materials for the different levels.

To the players: Like this, if you also just want to play!


I agree with the above. I just have 7 successive summon attempts at the elemental one and guess what: 3 banes, 1 Gun jun and 3 Dawa !!! and no chance to get the Hero of the month. Certainly you got frustrated and will think twice before spending money to get gems and upgrades. Hopefully the devs are screening the complains of the players.


Let me start by saying that I play empires and puzzles quite a bit and have found it to be an exceptionally fun game…but, I am getting very, very , very tired of reading posts that complain about heros, drops, summons, titans, build times, odds, how come I can’t have a 5* team? fully ascended, of course…This game is for those in the long haul. The developers have made a game that is quite challenging both to compete in and build on. There is a reason that high-level heros are hard to acquire. The same goes for ascension materials. I haven’t been playing more than a couple months, but I have pulled several useful 3* heros from the FREE daily summons. Especially as a new player, i have (had) limited use for a pretty, new 5*…The 3s by far will suffice in the early parts of the game. A newer player not only will not have the ascension materials, but probably not even the food required to get a top 4 or 5* to a level that is useful to the rest of the team. I’m sorry if I come off sounding like a *ick, but enough is enough. Yes, it’s a challenging game with difficult-to-acquire heros and materials…but where does this sense of entitlement come from. Because money is spent on gems? Does this mean the algorithm should “take it easy” on you because of this? It is RANDOM and is no different from pulling a slot machine arm. Anyhow, please take my rant with a grain of salt (or two) and have a great day!! :slight_smile:


Alliance Wars will break up the grind and hopefully bring some more rare mats to help build teams.

There have been several good ideas bounced around on the boards to skew the odds a bit towards those having runs of bad luck, either pulling a decent hero or getting needed ascension materials. I hope SG implements something that gives a tangible sense of progression, instead of the feeling of being stuck until a random die roll sends you something you need.


Sorry, but I don‘t want to play again and again the same levels with same heroes and same results. In my opinion a good game needs variations. The basic idea of the game is very good, but in the higher levels >20 everything takes to long and less new things.


You must not doa lot of raiding? Raids are what keep things fresh for me. Never the same foe twice, almost.

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This is a game of chance.
You may or may not get what you want, when you want it.
I’m waiting on materials, but i also have other things to do in the game.
To me it is still fun.

If you feel entitled to instant gratification, feel free to bang your head against a wall a few times; you will get your expected results,



Things to do in Empires & Puzzles:

  • Fight the province Map
  • NEW! Fight Atlantis Map
  • Fight PVP Raids
  • Fight Titans
  • Fight Quests (regular and rare)
  • NEW! Fight Alliance Wars
  • Use Summon Gate (free or paid)
  • Level up Heroes
  • Level up buildings
  • Level up troops
  • Make heroes (Training Camp)
  • Make battle Items (Forge)
  • Fill Wanted and Rare Wanted chests
  • Check Mystic Vision
  • Arrange, re-arrange Buildings
  • Chat
  • (Merc)*
  • Visit the Forum and post

Honestly, unless you have a lot of time to kill, sometimes you won’t be able to complete this list on your visits.

There is something for everyone, and a lot of these items build on each other. Happy gaming!

Edited 1/9/19 to add Atlantis. also added comments about leveling troops and Mercing. Some players Merc (visit other alliances and kill their titans); this is not for everyone. :wink:


I got zeline last month and already 2 Delilah’s. Have been given 12 5s recently amd a bunch of 4s. Dont think it’s bad odds at the summon. Just the ascension items are hard to get.

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I just read a post of a guy who said he’d done around 200 summons and never got Zeline as the hero of the month.

What sort of odds are we looking at here?
He made it clear he was very angry.
why would you pay for chances like that?

Just cause you got super lucky doesn’t mean it’s all good.

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My guess is HotM odds are somewhere between 1:40 and 1:30. If I’m right, that would put the odds of going 200 summons without pulling the HotM at between 0.11% and 0.63%. So this is in the “very bad luck” category, not the astronomically unlikely category.

There have been some ideas kicked around for fixing this, such a s gently increasing odds of pulling the HotM with each roll. What ideas do you have to address this issue, @Zero2Hero?


I think your right.
With each failed pull your chances should increase.
So those who have spent a lot of money don’t feel ripped off and the FTP’s don’t feel like they’ve wasted all the gems they’ve so tirelessly saved up.


I would say it is exactly that: odds. While you have 12 5s, and HOM coming out ur, uh, backside…others do pull after pull and get 3s and no HOM’ s. This is randomness and has a direct effect on “odds”. Of course scarcity (the ascension items you mentioned) also has a related impact. My point remains: some get good pulls, some dont, and there is no higher “authority” controlling all of it. It’s just odds and randomness. Congrats on your heros. I hope to have such a selection someday.


I had a few gems and thought hey, let’s do a summons…

50% 3* / 50% 4* and HotM. I guess that’s all my good fortune used up for the next few months

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