Rewarding top players


OK Yes Leaders promote players to Co-Leaders and Elders, but that don’t really have much going for it. How about something the Leaders can reward players like Top Titan hitter? Kill shot on the Titan? You know things like that. I think it would be great would motivate players even more to play.

What do you all think?


It’s been suggested elsewhere. I like the idea, but as I asked at the time, where does the rewards with which you reward said players come from? (Does the game provide them to leaders, or does it come from your own pocket?)


I think the game should


Makes it more pay to win, while I think rewards should be increased across the board, I’d rather see it for everyone than a select few.

In all of my alliances I have ever been in, the top rank on titan is depressingly regular. As for titan last hit, there shouldn’t be a reward for that… actually I’d argue the opposite that should be taken utterly out of the UI anyway as it promotes bad titan behavior. Spend your hits yo.