Rewarded again for Missions after Update 1.6.1 30.08.2017


Now i have 683 gems. I am newbie.
Just updated the game to version 1.6.1 V390: when entering the updated client, gems issued as a reward for performing missions earlier - were issued again as a reward .
If this is bug - please fix it, and you can thank me by adding gems to my profile: profile name – Павел115 , email in google play -
If this is not a bug, but a feature - I am ready to accept tokens for calling heroes for my care :wink:

Thank you for attention, your humble player)


New missions were added in 1.6. This might not be missions that you performed earlier, just new ones you’re getting credit for.


thnx for helping!
I will keep calm.


I thought it might have been a bug too, but I sure was hell wasn’t going to complain about it!


As Penari mentioned, there were a slew of new missions added to the game with update 1.6 . No known bug, so go enjoy your gems! :smile: