Reward titan was unfair

Perhaps you missed this informative thread when you were searching for relevant information?! Guvnor’s findings are based on lots and lots of data.

Titan loot really is random! Which is what I believe @Homaclese was trying to say.

There are awesome rewards…

And sad, sad, loot :sweat:

Again, completely random.

My main alliance have been chaining 14* titans for months, and we’ve found regular titans always drops a random assortment of non-farmable 4* & 3*AMs.

My alt alliance on the otherhand, hitting 9* titans, these titans are not so generous :sob:.


yes my friend…i know about random reward and rank for reward…but in fact…i see its different with the theory…

The perception of it is common knowledge. Everyone talks about the A+ curse. The reality is different than perception.

Put on that SG conspirast hat that you like to don so often. You believe the tiles are rigged, so that people get frustrated and pay more. Does it make sense to frustrate less people, the ones who get A or A+, or to frustrate more people, the ones who get B and C?

Not really. I like to defend logic and common sense. A losing battle these days

thanks for ur explain my friend

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No way, someone clearly rigged the counting. Probably the same people who have been counting votes recently. You get more chance of good loot the higher the loot tier? And that is backed up by thousands of pieces of tracked data? Preposterous!

So based on those tracked pieces of data that @Sarah2 shared… Assuming 5% chance of a 4* mat at A+, and 2.83% chance of a 4* mat at C (these won’t be exact, but in the ball park given its a fair sample that was used).
What is the chance that the person who scored an A+ in the alliance gets a 4* mat? Let’s say 20% (4 rolls * 5% - it is not that simple, but trying to simplify for the sake of demonstrating a point)
Let’s say there are 15 people who hit C tier. What is the chances of them getting a 4* mat? 15 * 2.83% * 4 (again, simplifying).
So on average every 5th titan the A+ person gets a 4* mat. But every titan 1.7 C people get a 4* mat. Does that mean it is 8-9 times more likely that you get a 4* mat at C tier? Should everyone aim to hit C tier? No!- but cumulatively the odds are much higher that you will get more people getting 4* mats at C rather than A+. Hence, the perception that the reward is better.


Sometimes rewards are better when titan has escaped

I honestly agree with the OP. I killed at least 500 titans, so you can call that a decent amount of data for a single account.

Besides, every single player who aims for A+ scores thinks the same. It’s a fact: the loot for A+ should improved.


thats right my friend…thats thing i want to tell to empirez admin…to improve or fix the reward from titans…only thats…simple

I have Tarlak max so i always get good scores. 2 days ago i only had chance to do a 3 hit before the titan was killed and dropped to B after months. Voila first B and immediately a Damascus blade.

I usually end up A+ or A and last 4 star ascension material i get from Titan very hard to remember

A serious question - what * titan do you hit?

Don’t say everyone when not everyone agrees with you. I don’t need to try, I get A+ loot 9 times out of 10. I’ve averaged 2 4* materials from 8-12* titans, (mostly 10*) per month for about the last year with screenshots as proof. I think the record was 5 4* material one month but only because one of them had 3 4*.

Lately 8-9 as we are down to 18 members now. Lost so many long time friends after Telly - Vela nerfs… If we want we can kill 10 also but as that will put stress on alliance we are just chilling with 8 and 9’s lately.

But this upcoming Mystic Titan makes it really weird for alliances like us. We will all see what will happen…

So titan level/tier does make a huge difference. You hitting A+ at (say) a 9* titan is like someone hitting C at a 12* titan.

I generally hit B or C on 14* titans (resources going into building HA 10, plus I don’t have the best titan teams, plus I’m probably not that good at titans anyway) and on average walk away with a 4* mat every 1-2 weeks. If you were able to join an alliance that hits 14* titans you would be getting much better loot at C level than you currently do with A+.

Maybe you fail to see my reason of commenting to this thread. I am not saying Titan drop less loot. I am saying there maybe an in-balance within A+ , A loot compared to B loot. Many other user as you can see claim the same.

And you also mention that with B and C you average 1 3 ascension mat every 1-2 week :slight_smile:

Yes, I also explained above why more people at C and B get the 4* mats. But at the same time, you get more chance of 4* mats at A+.

I have been at A+ less times, but I have a higher percentage of 4* mat drops from A+ than I have from C or B. And so I try to get as high as I can every single time, because I know my chances of good loot is better. Every time I see a 3* mat at C loot I curse myself because there is a chance it would have been a 4* instead if I was one tier higher

yes…im already many times get A or A+…but the reward not good…thats why i doing more lower hit to get C rank or b rank…and then…i got a lots of ascending material 4*

if me im hit 14* never skip when my alliance go to top 31 global before…now im on vacation…we stop go to target and play relax…my alliance is BAYANGAN from indonesia

yes i think its make sense when u say thats depend on how many stars…but i try from titan 10* until 14*…me and my friend in my alliance feel a same…C or B rank get more easy find 4* ascending material thans rank A or A+

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