Reward titan was unfair

i want to say something about titan reward…i think titan reward was unfair…because i have seeing and try many times in my alliance and another alliance…i have a lots of account play on many alliance…and i realize…a good rewards on titan always get by C rank or B rank hit titan…and even i play on titan 14*…its still same things…even i hit A+ or A hit rank…always a good reward was get by C rank or B rank…and all my member alliance know about it…its unfair…we hit titan more bigger point but the rewards titan we got was not better than another player hit C rank…is funny…can admin help me about this?


I can help you. What you are saying is inaccurate. It is perception based on the fact that so many more people get Cs and Bs and so more mats are awarded at those levels, making it seem like the % chance is higher. Which it isn’t. So, problem solved.


im already compare it bro…with all my team…and i have not only 1 alliance…i was made a compare for everyone reward on alliance…thats accurate already…so i ask to SG to answer about that…i ever play titan 14* 6 month never skip dude…thats why i know about the reward

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Really? Can i see your stats? The last 100 A+ loot, the last 100 A loot, the last 100 B loot, the last 100 C loot?

i dont need to argue with u…i was write in paper when member get ascending materials…but im lose the paper…im not looking for argument…just want to know what SG will answer…

It doesn’t take a genius to know what the answer is - SG is not going to answer you. Even if they were, their answer would be “The titan loot results are openly published, and are an accurate reflection of the chances implemented in the code”

Did you lose the sheet where you tracked the results before or after your dog ate it?

the fella said he doesn’t want to argue so maybe stop being a ■■■■ and move on buddy?

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Sure thing buttercup

thats what i see and happen in my alliance and my account…i dont know my dog eat that or maybe u eat that??

This is a common knowledge. Extreme weird but I can also confirm the same case within my alliance. My friends from other alliances also report similar.

Bbut you need to realize one thing @Homaclese 's main purpose on this forum is to defend the game no matter what. It is kind of pointless to debate with him.

Same issue at my alliance… rank A or A+ always got lower rewards than B even C rank… it made some alliance member don’t want to push attack the titan because they know that C rewards better than A … can SG solved this


I do think that people forget about star ratings in loot aswell a Boot is a 3* mat sure you can farm for it allsday long being its not a compass/Gloves etc it’s still a 3* mat.
Same with 4* mats being its not a tabard and you get a super mana pot it’s still a 4* mat.
Being the items you get arnt always non farmable items they still class as 3* and 4* items that you get in loot.

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Perhaps you missed this informative thread when you were searching for relevant information?! Guvnor’s findings are based on lots and lots of data.

Titan loot really is random! Which is what I believe @Homaclese was trying to say.

There are awesome rewards…

And sad, sad, loot :sweat:

Again, completely random.

My main alliance have been chaining 14* titans for months, and we’ve found regular titans always drops a random assortment of non-farmable 4* & 3*AMs.

My alt alliance on the otherhand, hitting 9* titans, these titans are not so generous :sob:.


yes my friend…i know about random reward and rank for reward…but in fact…i see its different with the theory…

The perception of it is common knowledge. Everyone talks about the A+ curse. The reality is different than perception.

Put on that SG conspirast hat that you like to don so often. You believe the tiles are rigged, so that people get frustrated and pay more. Does it make sense to frustrate less people, the ones who get A or A+, or to frustrate more people, the ones who get B and C?

Not really. I like to defend logic and common sense. A losing battle these days

thanks for ur explain my friend

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No way, someone clearly rigged the counting. Probably the same people who have been counting votes recently. You get more chance of good loot the higher the loot tier? And that is backed up by thousands of pieces of tracked data? Preposterous!

So based on those tracked pieces of data that @Sarah2 shared… Assuming 5% chance of a 4* mat at A+, and 2.83% chance of a 4* mat at C (these won’t be exact, but in the ball park given its a fair sample that was used).
What is the chance that the person who scored an A+ in the alliance gets a 4* mat? Let’s say 20% (4 rolls * 5% - it is not that simple, but trying to simplify for the sake of demonstrating a point)
Let’s say there are 15 people who hit C tier. What is the chances of them getting a 4* mat? 15 * 2.83% * 4 (again, simplifying).
So on average every 5th titan the A+ person gets a 4* mat. But every titan 1.7 C people get a 4* mat. Does that mean it is 8-9 times more likely that you get a 4* mat at C tier? Should everyone aim to hit C tier? No!- but cumulatively the odds are much higher that you will get more people getting 4* mats at C rather than A+. Hence, the perception that the reward is better.


Sometimes rewards are better when titan has escaped

I honestly agree with the OP. I killed at least 500 titans, so you can call that a decent amount of data for a single account.

Besides, every single player who aims for A+ scores thinks the same. It’s a fact: the loot for A+ should improved.


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