Reward the proper ascension items

I’m really happy with this game in general. There’s a lot to do and moving forward feels challenging and rewarding at the same time. The issue is this though. Some ascension items are nearly impossible to accumulate. For instance, to level up higher level ice heroes you need an item called a Warm Cape. I have been playing for nearly 3 months, I’ve beaten the first season and I’m on the 19th stage of season 2 which is currently the highest level of the game you can be on. During this journey I haven’t been rewarded even one of these Warm Capes. How is this possible? I’m in an Alliance, my war participation is at 100%, I’m consistently given a score of (A) for Titan battles and I’ve spent a solid amount of money on the game and haven’t come across a single 3* Warm Cape? Being rewarded practice swords while beating the final stage of season one is simply ridiculous. I love the grind but come on, throw a dog a bone. Just not dragon bones.


Warm capes is unfortunately not a thing you can get as loot from completing map stages. They are obtainable as titan loot, war loot and in your Hero chest, Monster chest and titan chest. There is also a quest thay shows up every now and then that you can get them from.


Frostmarch 3 January? Did you missed that?

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I’m stuck on it as well, it’s annoying

Perhaps it is unfortunate, but like I said, I’ve been a seriously active player in all of the areas you’ve mentioned and haven’t received a single one. It should be rare, but not holy grail rare.

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I must have, how many were available during that quest?

It’s not annoying, it’s discouraging. I’m all for a challenge and grinding it out to achieve higher levels but when I’m left scratching my head it isn’t as fun. And no, I’m not a play for free person. There are people out there developing this game along with others and they work hard to keep these games interesting, challenging, and compelling so they deserve to be paid.

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They are rare, There is one cape available in the frostmarch quest. I know the feeling though. Lacking some ascension materials myself :slight_smile:

So essentially you’re telling me I’ve missed 1 Warm Cape that was perhaps a lay up. Awesome, only need to find 3 more to level up one of my six characters. Like I said, it’s really discouraging to be loyal to a game, spend solid money on it, play hard and know that at this rate I’ll level up my first higher level ice character in about a year. I’m asking the developers to please let me really love this game and reward the proper ascension items in this game. Practice swords are needed in the first 6-10 stages, and then start rewarding some next level items. Doesn’t have to be all the time, just here and there. Make me work for it, but please don’t make it nearly impossible.


Oh the cape struggle… Definately no friend of mine. You must pray to the RNG gods for capes.
I only need 19 more capes.

You are only three month into the game. For Empires and puzzles this is a very little time. As you gain strength more and more opportunities to get ascension materials will present themselves. You objective (for the ascension mats) should be filling as many chest as possible every day, so the elemental (colored) chests will appear. The elemental chests usually contain ascension materials. Also, never miss a mystic vision, always complete the rare quests (there is one about every 10 days) and complete epic and legendary tiers of challenge events and all stages of seasonal events as they show up. Oh, and, by the way, Practice swords are always needed along with backpacks and rugged clothes later on. Accumulate as many materials as possible, even if you see no purpose for them now.


I’m sorry mate, I am just a player like yourself. But i can assure you that the capes will come though. But most people who are playing this game reach the point where they are lacking ascension materials.

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Capes are rare, but not quite as rare. For the final ascension of a 5* blue hero you will need 8 capes and (for the hard part) 6 farsight telescopes… now the telescopes are really rare and hard to get… they make capes seem like they grow on trees… you will also need one damascus blade and one tome of tactics, whics are just as rare as the telescopes… happy hunting!


Could you let me know specifically how practice swords are essential later in the game? And could you please describe what later in the game means? Am I not seeing that there’s more to the game than what I see on a daily basis, because it seems as though your idea of later in the game means more time playing it and not more stages, titans, challenges, and wars beaten or won.

If you are using your practice swords then you’re doing something wrong. I don’t think anyone has input the farming drop rates into linear programming software, but I’m pretty sure this is true. Some things in the game are a trap; if they weren’t then there’d be less skill involved.

Practice swords are always important because they allow you to use your level 1 and 3 training camps to train a massive number of 1* heroes which you use to level your 4* and 5* heroes. Same goes for backpacks with training camp level 2. When you will have 4 training camps, you will need lots of swords and backpacks to keep them running 24/7. This is the only possible way to supply your 4* and 5* heroes with the amount of feedres they need to level-up and ascend to their full potential. So practice swords and backpacks will be essential for as long as you will have heroes to ascend. Later in the game means that in a few month, or maybe a bit earlier, if you use VIP, you will get to SH20 and TC20 and will be able to train your own 5* heroes, use rugged clothes in TC19 to create huge numbers of 1* feeder heroes in just a few hours, to feed them to your 5* heroes, it also means that your farms and mines will provide you with enough food and iron to be able to sustain the leveling of your heroes and construction of your base. Your forges will be able to craft powerful battle items to use in quests, events and against titans… this game requires a lot of patience developing your base and heroes, and, believe me, in a few month, if you keep playing, you will have a good laugh thinking you considered warm capes to be rare at some point…


One odd thing I can point out. It seems everyone struggles with a lack of one of the AM but has plenty of the others. Capes And Damascus blades are no problem for me but scopes are non existent. It’ll be the opposite for others go figure. Patience is needed


I wouldn’t exactly call it plenty, but yes, I always seem to be low on compasses, while I have 8 unused damascus blades, or 16 magic orbs… oh, and 14 warm capes, by the way… on the other hand, mysterious tonics I only got my hands on three in eight months… I think ShrikeWood quest is due in a few days so I’ll probably have four soon enough…

We just had Mt Umber, so it’ll be about a week. Average wait time between rare quests are about 10 days.
There was just a cape in the challenge event too, for completing the last level.
@Ragaer are you in the habit of doing the rare quests? Did you do mt umber?

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In other words I should give up all hope.

1- Getting the 5* ice hero I want. Rare as hell.
2- Getting the 8x capes I need. Each one Rare as hell.
3- Getting the 6x telescopes I need. Each one EXTRA rare as hell.
4- Need 1x Damascus blade, SUPER Rare as hell.
&5- Need 1x Tome of Tactics, which is as rare as the Damascus blade.

Right…, that’s one hero done. Now to start on number 2.


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