Reward for loyalty - special tokens increasing chance for summoning a particular hero

Dear friends & players :two_hearts:

I can imagine a reward like a special token guaranteeing higher chance to summon a hero you would love to have for people playing at least half a year.

You would simply unlock this new feature after several months of playing. Since then you would get one special token every month.

Imagine this - I received 3 special tokens. There’s, for example, Alberich available at the Atlantis Summon Gate. I will use my 1st token and the chance to summon him will increase up to 25% for x10 Summon. If I fail, I will use my 2nd token. If I fail again, I will use the last one. But the chance after using each token will be always the same - 25%.

In case you want to do x30 Summon the chance would be up to 50%.

That means you will still have to spend your money to have enough gems for x10 or x30 Summon BUT at least you will have some hope for getting your dreamed hero :kiss:

I would appreciate as many opinions as possible, because I find this idea fair :kissing_heart:

@EmpiresPuzzles @mhalttu @Petri @Sara @KiraSG perhaps you could come up with something like that in the future. Feedback would be welcomed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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