Reward for finishing Titan strike



This suggestion is probably already there, but I could not find it.

Please create some sort of minor award for the player who makes the finishing Titan strike. We just celebrate in our alliance the person or people who accomplish it, but it would be great if they got something special—a summons, a few gems, a roll on the A+ table, etc.

I think would give our smaller players something to shoot for even when they do not have the strength to be top of the chart in hitting.


There’s potential problem with this idea: it could encourage people to hold their last flag hoping to be the person making the final hit. So whatever the “minor award” might be, it needs to be pretty minor.


  1. A message goes out on alliance chat, “Kangelma has slain the Gorgon Queen!” Everyone cheers and gives you verbal back-slaps. We also all know the titan is dead. Both are good.
  2. A top-up on attributed damage. If you’re going in for the final blow, it’s pretty rare that you get the full 90 seconds of attack time. I’ve seen one titan that had exactly ONE HP left on it. The person who dealt the final blow therefore gets less time to run up the damage contribution, possibly scoring a lower tier than otherwise. To avoid this problem, the damage done by the final slayer should be multiplied by 90/(seconds used). So if you use 45 seconds and rack up 8,000 HP, then you are credited with 8000 * 90 / 45 = 16000 damage credit for calculating loot tier. If you slay it scoring 1 HP damage in 1 second, you get 1 * 90 / 1 = 90.


Possibly just give the person who deals the final blow A status regardless of how much actual damage performed.

I know that not every alliance is unselfish, but in my alliance, it would be great to give small players a chance to earn A status every once in awhile.


Nope. Still a bad idea. Most will still hold their flags.

Announcement for finishing blow is good enough.

I can accept a reward tier upgrade for players C or D since it would help the weaker players. Those who get low score due to low participation can be kicked anyhow.


We share the final blow out amoungst our allience even with lower level members this way should there be a reward on final blow it gets spread around all members.

We discuss it as a team and take it turns. Any good alliance should be working as a team and that’s up to the leader and co-leader to keep the rest of the team in check. A good reliable team only comes from good reliable leaders.

I do feel final blow should get at least something and that goes for top scorer as well.

This game very much lacks incentive rewards big-time in many aspects of the game. Players/humans will only grind some much before they realise there is no real point in trying hard and just start lofing off to the “why worry” land and then start complaining about it.



Good point about the HP credit for last hit. But the HP credit multiplier might also lead to people camping the kill.

The message could be discouraging if the same high level players get it each time.

How about a damage bonus for the NEXT titan based on how fast the titan is killed by the alliance. With the bonus named after the final striker?

Kerridoc’s Banner x1.05 damage would remind everyone
=who got the final hit last titan,
=that the bonus is for a team effort for fast kill,
=that Kerridoc spending 1 titan energy for only 1 HP in damage improved everyone’s next titan.


As they said, people will hold their flags until last minute. And why reward players for low score? Where is the incentive?
I think that is a completely irrelevant number, so vote for removing it from player profile.


I like this idea!

I am also okay with just announcing it in chat. A simple rephrase from, “The Titan was defeated,” to, “Kerridoc has slain the Gorgon Queen!” It would be easy to code.