Reward Chests Rewards

I thought you were improving the rewards from chests. I have seen no significant improvements an the element chests seem to have gotten worse. The titans rewards should be based on performance a c should not get better loot than an A


Haven’t seen any decent rewards in months, the only exception is the overly rare elemental chest. Monster, raid and titan chests are all the same garbage items consistently. Food, iron, a couple gems and 1-2 star items. Rinse and repeat.


It does tend to come in “waves” so to speak wherenyou can get a good run then a bad one.
Hang in there though and check this post (scroll to you hit Sept/Oct) out if you haven’t already :slightly_smiling_face:

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I, sorry, cant find the way to post it in a new topic.
My rewards for war seems incomplete.
Here’s a picture

That looks like standard war loss loot

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The empty slot says something else i guess

We have friends in our alliance that gave up of playing E&P because the rewards are getting worse even in Rare titans! We know that it’s random loots but it’s really upsetting players.
First place on titan has less loots rewarded then the 10th placed. It really upsets all players.
I hope that in 44th update they can offer better loot bonuses, orherwise, SG will lose a lot of players that spend money in this game…

Look at this link, it might change your mind.

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