Reward Chest in Titan spot?

I’m not completely sure if this is a bug but I’ve been playing about a year or so & have never seen this.
I finished all my reward chests & instead of the bottom chest coming back as a Titan chest it popped up as “Dark” so I waited to see what was coming next. Now I have “Dark” & “Monster”. I’m hoping to get back the Titan chest but it remains a mystery right now. Any thoughts?

This has happened to me 3 or 4 times since started playing (jan 2018)
After you finish the dark chest it will go back immediately to be titan chest


That’s interesting. So if you defeat a Titan in the meantime will it not count towards the titan chest since it’s a colored one?

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@Novo that’s what I’m thinking

I actually tried that (was testing for something new) and no it wont count
But its very easy to finish the chest before even getting the next titan to 50%
For dark chest use province 7 stage 4 you will get between 12 and 14 dark monsters and it cost only 3 flags which is great ratio also you can reroll in raids until you find someone with multiple dark heroes they will count as well


I’d you’re level 46 and this is your first elemental chest then there is something wrong with your game. You should get them somewhat regularly. They provide much better loot than the other chests.


she’s talking about the elemental chest showing in the titan chest spot.

Rare, but can happen.


Be sure to fill it ASAP before killing your current titan. :smile:

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Oh I misunderstood then. Yeah I’ve had my elemental chest take the spot of the titan chest once before as well.

No it won’t count until the chest is up.

Thank you for everyone’s input. I wound up finishing both the dark & monster chests & I did it before the current Titan was beat so I’ll get Titan credit. I got some great items so yay me :joy: happy gaming everyone


Im level 47 and ive had the elemental chest pop up in all 3 places, depends on when you complete a chest, it will pop up in the next open spot. I just wish there were more of them. Dont worry about titan chest the loot from elemental chest are way better :blush:

Has anyone ever gotten two elemental chests at the same time?

I don’t believe that’s possible since it takes about 40+ chest to get an elementals chest.

I’ve been playing almost for a year but never got elemental chest in the place of titans chest. But since you open hero & monster chests much more frequently, it’s kinda expected.

I always asked self this question and everytime i want to try it i say its not worth keeping my elemental chest ready to open and keep openeing 40-50 monster chests till the next elemental chest might or might not come

I moved the thread from Bugs to General Discussion and slightly altered the title. Happy you got an elemental chest! :wink:


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