Revived heroes should start with 0 Mana

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I would appreciate if revived heroes start with 0 Mana. Or vice versa: dead heroes loose all there mana. In my opinion there should be some effect on heroes caused by killing them.

Or see it that way: after revival a hero needs time (again) to build Mana. It is strange to me, that a revived hero uses his special ability right out of the grave…

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I agree with this, and it would make Alberich a little less overpowered. Dont expect much support, but you have a good point and I also think this should be implemented.

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I don’t know… when i use a revive scroll in a challenge event or in the spring thingy-ma-bobber… popping a hero back to life with full mana was really really helpful.

I don’t think that this will be of much concern moving forward as I have leveled up more of my heroes, but weaker players probably still would like the mana that their newly revived heroes had just before death.

I don’t think, Alberich is overpowered since SG nerfed him. The only hero, who is really overpowered is Guin. There’s always a chance to beat Alberich in a raid, even with weaker heros, but there’s nearly no chance to beat Guin. But I think it always depends on having a hero or not. If you don’t have Albi you want him weaker, if you have him, you won’t.

I disagree with you. First of all bc I have Alberich and he often saves me. And if the heros wouldn’t wake up with mana, it would be senseless to wake the up, bc when they revive, they often do it on the ‘brink of death’ and one hit kills them again. So whether they wake up with more life or a little mana, so the player has a chance to use them.

I think he should have a limit on amount he can revive i have had him revive 4 heros. At this point he may as well have a nuke and call it game over.

Alby’s revival power works fine. If you don’t like it, the solution is simple: kill him before he can use it.


My approach is to set him on fire before he can be a problem.

And with no bonus…

I don’t agree that revived heroes should start with 0 mana myself, as I think that would gut the talent/skills that resurrect.

However… the Fighter revive talent is incredibly strong. On the one hand, it is luck based and thus not a good thing to rely on. But on the other hand it makes fighting defense teams with fighters incredibly frustrating.

I think that Revive should get a nerf, and it’s a very simple one: If HP > 1, revive can activate.

This isn’t unheard of in other RPGs. For e.g. in the Fire Emblem series, there is an ability called Miracle. It used to work the same way that the Revive talent in this game works. However, it was in later games of the series that they nerfed Miracle to require HP > 1.

The result made Miracle less obnoxious to deal with against enemies, and it also made players rely less on luck to have their heroes survive tough maps.

Personally, I think that Revive should get the same treatment in this game :slight_smile: It would make revive less powerful, considering its high activation chance at more nodes though, I think this an okay adjustment.

20 Mothers from the North.

I hate when the enemy start using ressurection skill and many heroes that I killed appear in condition when the mana is full, so ridiculous. Ressurection is fine but please, it is fair when it doesn’t effect the latest mana of the Hero. Alive with zero mana is fair. Please SG…

Does anyone feel like it is ridiculous that if a hero dies, and another hero for instance, mother north, revives them - that the revived hero’s come back with the same level of mana that they died with?

I just played a war flag where Mother North revived three hero’s, all full mana, they all special and the match is over.

If not zero mana on revive, I believe there should be some compromise that they come back with at most half the level of mana that they had before? Reviving the hero’s at her % is warrant enough for a nerf, but then with hero’s reviving with full mana and immediately using special, it’s ridiculous.

Would you apply this to fighter class receive or Atomos/Tyr type revive too?

I find it good the way it is. What use is, for example, BT’s resurrection with 1 HP otherwise? He dies, has a chance to come back, if he does ans his mana was full you’re OK. With your suggestion, his talent is useless unless you have a second healer in your team. Mother North is a fearsome opponent, as she should be. Take her down first, it’s part of the challenge.


I don’t think it should apply to fighter class. I think it would be just hero’s that revive multiple hero’s.