Revive talent concern – Fighters Shouldn't Be Allowed to Revive After Dying from DOT (Damage Over Time)

I don’t quite know if this has been brought up before or if this ought to be categorised as a bug, but in my thought process, the revive talent isn’t working properly or at least according to its description. The only issue I have with it is when heroes that have DOT fire their SSs, it triggers the ability to revive. In example, we have Proteus who fires its SS and let’s say a Boldtusk who’s about to die from the DOT effect of his ‘poison.’ But, instead of dying from it, he doesn’t, since he gets revived instead.

According to the description of the talent, it’s the ability to incur 1 HP AFTER A FATAL ATTACK. I don’t see any part of that that says DOT is considered a fatal attack. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t DOT incremental damage and is considered an effect instead of a direct attack?

I’m sure I’m not the only player out there who’s been frustrated a lot by a BT that has revived multiple times and recovered HP for all its allies that were to die supposedly the next round, either due to DOT or your team’s damage. Even worse are cases where a Colen lives after supposedly dying from DOT and turns the table against you instead by obliterating your whole team with his nuclear SS.

I moved this to #ideas-feature-requests and added to your title, since this is effectively a request for the game to work differently than it does. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a fair criticism that the tooltip isn’t very clear — but that’s a common problem with most of the tooltips in this game; many of them could use clarification or outright rewriting.

It would seem that in this case it would have been simpler for them to say something like “after the hero dies.”


Thank you for adding supplemental notes and thought to the post, @zephyr1! It’s good to know I’m not outright lost in my thought process and logic when it comes to this particular talent. And yes, it would make very good sense if they simply say ‘after the hero dies’ in the talent’s description.


DOT is the result of an attack and it can be fatal, so… where’s the “isn’t working properly or at least according to its description” part? It’s more of a technicality, than a real issue… We all hate it when BT revives, heals and boosts his team attack, but we also hate when Rigard or Viv resist Proteu’s mana block (that’s the part I hate most) or Scarlet ignores Magni’s deadly strike… it’s all part of the game

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You said it yourself. It is the RESULT of an attack. It’s NOT THE ATTACK or a fatal attack itself.

Yo! What is going on… Boldtusk revived 4 times in a row in my Raid. I just wonder what the chance of revival… isn’t it dropping as per next revival?:thinking::scream:

At lest the dot should be removed after first kill.
But I’m thinking… I won a lot of raids in this method. And lost another. So who cares?

I don’t see any reason to change this. I’ve never really taken much notice of the description, as far as I’m concerned revive talent means if the hero dies, there is a chance of reviving with 1hp regardless of how they die

Not to revive of 4 times…cmon, that’s ridiculous :woozy_face:

i prefer they do limitation , if revived then next turn wont be able to revive anymore , but its back after next next turn. i hate to kill opp who revived 6x in war.

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Why not to fix that a chance for next revive would be delayed (not like 4 times in a row you attack and heroes revives) and chance of it is lower.
And why not to drop mana for someone who is revived?! :triumph::roll_eyes::thinking:

I don’t want to say anything mean, but it’s hard so let me just leave this thread.

I think that the OP is right. Number of possible revives should have a cap. When an hero revive 4 or 5 times in a raw it is too much, also because whenever it revives its mana increase, so it could be able to cast his special or to be healed, erasing any effort you did to kill it.

So I think that an hero should be never be allowed to revive itself after 2 revives total (not counting the action of a resurrection, which is a different skill). So the 3rd time you kill him (not counting resurrections), that should be the definitive kill and the hero should die at 100%, imo

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