Revive bug in trials

I think this is a bug with the revive in stage 2 of trials. I was fighting oberon and azlar. I killed azlar and had oberon weakened. I lost a few hero’s and had gato and nashgar left. Nashgar hit oberon doing damage plus leaving the flame for the dot but died from oberons dot purple drop. I fired gato and killed oberon. Revive came up and he stayed transparent. I then fired tiles through him and he then came back and used his slash attack to kill gato. Shouldn’t he have come back at the end if the turn when revive first popped up? Then I would have sent tiles and killed him. I only ask because I have had others return from revive and its right at end of turn not on next turn after I go, that’s mid turn. A turn being my attack(specials then tiles then AI/enemy specials/slash). Either way its not consistent. I have seen it both ways. I assumed like other emblem skills it happens at end of turn before next turn starts. My other skills work like that. I’ve seen revive work that way as well. Otherwise they use their revive mid turn. If I am wrong, then why have I seen it both ways? They both can’t be right. Its either after the turn(me then enemy) or after my half. Thanks. I cared before but it was just a raid, here it cost a bunch of flags and is have gone a different route if I knew it was going to revive this way. Could I know if this is a bug as I said I’ve seen it go right after turn and mid turn like this. Mid turn is more advantageous to revive since they would come back and just get hit again. But mid turn they are still ghosts and then they come back and can gain healing or use special. Thanks.

Since you killed him with a special, no. His revive isn’t going to actually finish till the end of your turn.
If it was your hero on defense this is how you will want it to happen. To have the opportunity to fire off one last special at the start of the next turn.

Revive only takes effect at the end of turn like mentioned. So essentially he isn’t there for the rest of your turn.

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