Revisiting TC12

Everywhere the suggestion is to skip TC12 and always use TC13 to have a (slight) chance of getting a 4*.

However, looking from the perspective of a f2p player that has yet to raise the first 3* rainbow team, I wonder if this is the best advice we can give.

I’m questioning if the (slight) chance of getting a 4* justifies the additional costs.

  • Food : 164K vs 265K
  • Recruits: 45 vs 70

The key point is the Food that a f2p player will badly need for growing the heroes he got.

That said, I believe that for a f2p player, it makes more sense to use TC12 for a while and then jump toward TC20 that will generate 4* heroes with higher probability than TC13.

Thoughts, suggestions?


Yes alwas use 13 over 12. if you still need 3* you get them via t13 with chance on 4* that will help you in the future.

Edit: had to laugh at jump to SH20
That takes months and by the time t13 will provide some 4* and will increase your gaming experience.


That’s exactly what I am wondering.

You can get 3 heroes from TC12 with resources that won’t even be enough for 2 heroes from TC13.

If my game experience (as f2p) comes from having a better 3* squad, shouldn’t I aim to have as much 3* as possible? I’ll get my 4* from TC20 (when the time will eventually come).

I would spend the time needed for building a TC20 learning what double and triple stack means, will climb up the cups ladder and will accumulate 3* and 4* ascension material for my future 4* (and 5*). And all the gems will go to elemental pulls, all the Atlantis coins to Atlantis pulls and so on.

With enough 3* I could even compete in the Rare level of Events!

I argue that this is much more fun than spending resources on TC13 for the meager possibility of getting a 4*.


3* Heroes come in steady supply once you advance in the game, 4* will form the backbone of your roster.

As a F2P myself learning this game as I go (forum helps tremendous, as you would know), you will soon find out that there is going to be long road with a lot of waiting for upgrades to finish on your way to TC20, because not only will you need to shoot your Stronghold all the way up to 20, you need your Iron Storage of all 5 of them to be at least Level 18, Food Storage up (I don’t have the numbers, but I did it with 13, 12, and 11x2) in order for you to completely research the Legendary training, your housing situation needs to be on par as well. There are going to be times when you are waiting for one building to finish, but have hoarded enough food / recruits that you are about to be full and cannot collect any more, but your food from your farms/watch tower are still trickling in. So I needed place to spend them, I always end up putting them in TC13 because it can help me burn through some of those food and recruits.

In the times I’ve spent waiting for the stronghold and support buildings, I managed to get some (not a lot) of 4* that I could use, and still plenty of 3* came in. It might be just personal preference, but I do not like to see production buildings (farm, iron, watch tower) with yellow (full) collection icon and messages telling me that I don’t have enough recruit housing space. So whenever I get the chance to spend them, I do. Besides, there is also one area aside from the food/recruit cost that you need to take into account, is that they both take 2 days to finish one training session. Typically, with active playing, you should be able to get enough food and recruits to start another session of TC13.

Another thing I would suggest is not to do too many building goals at once, try to focus on one at a time(stronghold) and any support buildings needed to get it up there as needed. If you try to evenly level things out, you will get there, but it might take you longer time to start getting viable heroes. If you have VIP Pass, the second builder can help alleviate the wait time. I never purchased the VIP Pass, so there were a lot of waiting of buildings to finish.


Hi Rael, I’m in your exact position with my alt f2p account. I rushed to the TC11 to get the extra cheap feeders and then I went for the TC13 to get a chance with the 4* training.
Having all 3* in my rooster (bad luck with summoning/hero token) I like the idea of a chance to get a 4* from TC13 now instead of waiting for TC20 because, as already pointed out, it will take A LOT to get a TC20 running.
What I find strange is that you still have to get a full rainbow 3* team because I’m currently feeding my eighth and ninth 3*… or maybe you still have to get a TC13?
Keep feeding your heroes and in (almost) no time you’ll have your rainbow team :slight_smile:

So far I’ve been rather lucky with gem summoning: Valen, Scarlett and Melendor. Very solid heroes. (i’ve started this “full f2p journey” for a couple of months)

I’m building TC12 right now (20h or so to completion) and I was considering if I should research TC12 and use it to build my rainbow team or I should skip it and build TC13 now.

The common advice is to skip TC12 and use TC13, however I have doubts this is the right thing to me.

I feel I can build my 3* team cheaper using the TC12 than TC13. I will gain resources that I can use for traning, crafting, etc, but I will lose the opportunity to get another 4* from TC13.

Being the probability of getting a 4* from TC13 so low, I would rather go with TC12 for a while. The objective is to have two strong heroes for each color (for stacking against the titan and competing in the events).

There is a much higher probability to get a 4* from summoning (Epic or Atlantis), I will try to get some good hero from there. Of course the time neded to put together 300 or 350 gems (or 100 Atlantis coins) is rather long,

I’ve banked little less than 2000 recruits in a TC4 (and the corresponding food, of course), I will move all of them to TC12 and then raising another camp to TC13. At that point it will depend on how lucky I had been, I could move forward towards TC20 or I could switch to TC13 (if I have enough food/recruits).

The more I talk about it, the more I feel that it makes sense (for f2p) to use TC12 rather than TC13.

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I would say, depends on what your goals or long term goals are for this game is and how quickly you would like to get there and everyone is going to be different.

Around March of this year I was running with Melendor, Li Xiu, and Kelile (who came in last as my replacement for Azar) as my only 4* heroes, and Ulmer was my blue and Prisca my purple. But that didn’t stop me from still acquiring the 3* that I do not have because my long term goal was not to stop at 3*s. I will collect them and completely upgrade them for collection/challenge event purposes. I may be playing casually and for free, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want better heroes in the long term.

I would say a rainbow 3* team would be a respectable goal for a newer player because every one gets 1 Bane at the end of the tutorial and unless they got lucky in the free daily summons or gem summons, they may be running with 2* in other colors for a while. With the introduction of Season 2, there is now an increased avenue of acquiring better heroes. But Atlantis levels, even on the normal difficulty aren’t push over levels for a newer player, that’s why you need to be able to get to province 14 in season 1 to be able to jump to season 2 material, Atlantis coins don’t drop easily either.

I also don’t like to bank recruits and food and try to use what I’ve trained to improve the heroes I have a little each day. Just my play style I guess. If you already have ~2000 recruits stored, sure they can be helpful once you get the 3s, but they’d be more helpful (in the long term) if you get the 4 from a TC13.

Play style, timing and current status will play a lot into a person’s decision. There is no “wrong” way to play this game or wrong hero to ascend in this game in my opinion. I believe playing by doing/experimenting means a lot more than simply listen to others. If it makes sense for you, by all means, try it and test it out on your own.

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I am F2P and personally only ran TC12 for a short period before I got my first TC13.
I would not suggest to skip it as it produced me good 3* while I was waiting for my first tc13.

The food and recruit are not really a big deal.
If you do your daily chest using 8-7 you are sure to do more than enought recruit.
To manage food / recruit you can use the banking idea; tc13 for food / tc11 for recruit.

I leveled my farm around 11-12 and watchtower at 12 because and felt comfortable for the food supply.
Even with my first tc20, those level 11-12 farm produced enough
I got a few 4* from TC13 and they became my most important heroes, like other say tc13 will give you the 3* like the other but with a chance to get a 4* before tc20 pay better.

Food only became an issue again with TC19 feeders, but then a new limit appeared rugged clothes.
I am about to get my 3rd tc20 and will probably focus to grow farms after as food will is becoming a limit again.

Thanks for you insights guys. I’ll think about it and when tomorrow the TC12 will be completed I’ll decide what to do.

Yep better skip it :smiley:
Not a…

Edit: As a side note. I had 21 consecutive 3* in my t20. With 1 t20 that means 44 days of 3*. Better take your chance on 4* as soon as possible

For a F2P (which I am), 4* heroes are the back bone of your army. So, the sooner TC13 is up and running the better. It was very rewarding for me as it gave me 8 of my total 10 4* heroes so far. 3* heroes can only get you up to a certain point, but a solid 4* team, with the right board can take on anything this game has to offer and keep you care free in mid platinum arena, facing 5* teams on daily bases. Still, you should keep leveling those 3* if you have any plans for AW, for it will be eons before you will have 30 leveled 4* heroes. So rush for TC 13 I say. Food may be hard to come by at first, but, bringing your farms up to level 15 and above will solve that problem. In one or two month you will be able to use TC 13 as a food bank.


I agree. I’m at SH11 now and getting ready to upgrade to SH12. I plan on getting my TC12 and churning that until I have something close to a double rainbow team. I’m also F2P. Got lucky pulling Scarlet and Barbaric Alpha Minotaurs in my first couple of days playing. Got Valen shortly after and Ishtak yesterday (saved up 300 gems for an elemental pull). But I’m still working with Layla as my strongest purple. Plan on working TC12 atleast until I get 1 decent purple 3* before I worry about spending the extra food for TC13


So what did you decide to do?

Did you run TC12 for a while?

I’m in the same place now that you were back in November

TC at this level spits out a hero per two days, that is enough to cover the recruits and food difference, so I wouldn’t worry about that, unless your food production is not really good (but you should be making around 20,000 per hour easily anyway). And given that it’s really the only significant difference, I would advise to run it at 13. Especially that being f2p, your options to get 4* are rather limited. Maybe you’ll be lucky to get some.

For me personally, I was running it for like a month or 2 and never got any 4 stars out of it, so I switched it to feeder production. But I wasn’t in a need for 4*s at that time.

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I didn’t move to tc13, in the end.

Since then, my tc12 gave me a good spread of 3* heroes across colors and classes, and my two tc11 provided with feeders (sometimes used as tc1 tc2 or tc3 to speed up things).

I’m pretty sure that it was a good choice, the probability of getting a 4* from tc13 is so low that (imho) does not justify the use of extra recruits. Instead, using them to create feeders allowed me to have a good selection of maxed 3*.

Also, for f2p players, the limit is in the ascension material they can get. So even if the tc13 could have given me a couple of 4* i wouldn’t have had the materials to ascend them.

In fact, I do have four 4* (from portal summons) but i can’t make them ascend past 3.60 yet.

My SH is at 16 now, I have high hopes to get a lot of useful heroes from tc20. Any 4* will be good, and any 5* will be a miracle :smile:


It only takes around a day to upgrade all your farms from level 7 to 9. That’s an extra 168,000 food per 2 days. Food is no excuse. If you’re serious about grinding, you should already have thousands of recruits pending in a TC11 too. I didn’t have a rainbow 3* team until level 24, because I didn’t spend any gems on summons. But you don’t need a 3* team to grind 8-7.

All my food deposit are at 11 now. The iron deposits at 13. Everything is quite balanced.

I’m no claiming that the path I choose is the quickest one. What I do believe is that it is a path that allows me to enjoy the game more.

I have the right amount of power to enjoy rare events, raiding in gold, killing titans (5* or 6*) and I am accumulating ascension material for 4* and 5* heroes.

I’m also uisng the new talent tokens, that is something I can’t do with my main account as 65 tokens are needed to raise a 5* hero to 5*+1.

This playing style is working for me (sometimes i’m getting more fun from this f2p account than from my main account),

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Food 3* 4*
TC12 8,200,000 50 0
TC13 26,500,000 96 4

I did the math making some assumptions. If we take the 3-5% chance of getting a 4* hero from TC13 (used 4). The food cost for 100 trainings. Only did 50 for the TC12 because the goal is only to obtain a mix bag of 3* to satisfy having 6 teams of rainbow heroes. Does the cost justify obtaining 3 to 5 heroes of 4* strength? Opinions appreciated.

It’s all a matter of luck. A player using tc13 will feel pretty foolish if they get tc20 running without having gotten a 4* out of it yet. Emblems can matter too. What’s the gem cost for resetting emblems off a 3*? Of course using emblems on 3* and recovering them later means more lost food that way.

@Rael @DracoLovesRi

So I went with the S13 as soon as it was available. I’ve run it 20 times so far and have pulled Kelile, Boril, Kiril and today Wu Kong. As a free to play I have no 2nd builder and often have more resources than I know what to do with so I don’t mind the extra food cost. I personally am very happy with the decision to go with the T13 as a F2P it seems like it’s hard enough to get 4* and 5* heroes and takes for ever to level them up so it seems best to maximize your chances as early as possible.

May the RNG be with you, always

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