Revision for Top Player Rankings

Ok, the first time I made it to #1 overall on the Trophy board I got close and ran out of raid flags. I sat there and waited until Zero was too sleepy to stay awake and finally someone knocked him out of #1 and I slid into place. Not the best way to get there, but hey, I put myself in the position to take advantage.

Anyway, since then I’ve been there a number of times as many of us have legitimately fighting the way to the top. Tonight something strange happened. Strange but it was absolutely the right way for it to occur. When I was #2 in the rankings, my very next match up was against the person holding the #1 spot. When I beat that person (or the board did, whichever you prefer) I then took over the #1 spot. I think that’s the way it ought to be all the time.

I think if someone makes it up to #2 spot, they ought to have to fight the #1 person to take over the top of the leaderboard. Anyway, I sat around for a while until I got attacked a few times and someone displaced me at #1. I looked to see who it was that attacked me and it was not the person currently holding the #1 spot.

I started my raids again and sure enough as soon as I got to the #2 spot overall, the very next match up was against the person holding the #1 spot. Once I beat that person I took over the top of the leader board. It really should be this way all the time. Just a suggestion.

I like the way it is now. If it were changed, I could totally see that one alliance with all the top players make a push to take all top spots and then log off. It would be much harder to get a top ranking and if you’re in that alliance 2 could never face 1 because players in the same alliance can’t roll each other.

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@Otto0000 would you also make it so that only the #2 can attack #1? If not, what happens when #186 defeats #1 and takes 49 cups, dropping #1’s trophy count below #2’s? That seems like a non-starter. But I don’t like the idea that only #2 can challenge #1_10

On an historical note, until 1922 the previous year’s winners at The Championships, Wimbledon, were given an automatic bye into the finals. That is, the entire tournament was a competition to dethrone the prior year’s champion — only #2 gets to compete against #1. I think the All England Club was wise to change this rule, and E&P would do well to follow their lead.

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Oh and congrats on #1! Not many can say they’ve been there. It does feel more deserved when you’re able to personally take it by beating the previous #1.


No, I don’t see where you’d draw that assumption. If possible and the person is still in the #1 spot when the current #2 triggers the search for their next opponent, it would automatically select the person in the #1 spot.

UCLA brings up an interesting point though. Why wouldn’t it be possible, in that situation, to override the inability to duel a person in your own Alliance for the right to the #1 spot? You could make it the same for the entire first page ( 8 spots). It would make it a bit tougher for one alliance to make a run at taking over the whole first page because then they’d be dueling each other, but it would make things a bit more interesting.

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First of all, congratulations on making No 1!!
Welcome to the club :hugs:

I do not, however, agree with your proposal.

Why rob all other players of the absolute elation when they manage to beat the current No 1?

Which makes them hop up and down with joy (at least, this is what I do when I manage to accomplish this feat :wink:) and gives them a nice number of cups, catapulting them to a much higher rank in the leaderboard.

The leaderboard is not an exclusive club.
And yes, an ally mate of mine - a very good strategist - has beaten the resident No 1 repeatedly. With 4 4* and 1 5*, I may add.

I am not in favor of turning the top of the leaderboard into an exclusive club, where only the anointed few are permitted to enter.

Rank in the leaderboard goes by cups.
This is how it is.
And this is how it should be.


I’m not either. I never said it would be exclusive. I’m not sure where people are getting that idea. This is the second time it has been assumed. There is no reason that anyone can’t be paired up with anyone available for raids. I simply stated that it would be nice if the current #2 could be paired against the current #1 on his or her next scheduled raid. That person does not have to take that option.

They can head to their watchtower and do a revenge or reroll. If they choose to reroll, then they could then be given a random opponent. It really does not have to be an all or nothing event.

Maybe the #2 could be given the option: Would you like to raid (whoever is in #1)? Yes/No. If they select no, then they won’t have to reroll and they won’t have to select that option every time they start a new raid. It would be annoying if the #2 was far enough in cups that multiple raids would be required to unseat the current #1. Maybe the option could kick in once the #2 is close enough in cups to actually unseat the current #1.

I’m still not understanding something in your proposal, @Otto0000.

Suppose Haylc is #2 with 2966 cups, and Zero is #1 with 2970. Zero initiates a raid with me and loses, dropping 30 cups. He now has 2940 cups, below Haylc’s 2966. You’re not suggesting that Zero should remain #1 now, are you? Haylc should take that spot, even though he didn’t beat Zero.

I support your idea that #2 should be offered a raid against #1, as long as it doesn’t change any other mechanics.

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Other historical precedents IRL - Tim Westwood was ranked number 1 golf player in the world for a while, despite never winning a major, which upset quite a few people!

Your idea is a bit more like boxing, where the someone earns the right to be mandatory challenger, and fight for the belt, but the fighters can have other non-championship matches too.

If that happened, Zero would no longer be #1 and therefore the challenge would not be initiated. I do think that the block on Alliance members being unable to challenge each other in raids be waived for this match though. Although, maybe the loss of resources could be waived as well for an Alliance mate match.

I wouldn’t care if an Alliance mate helped himself/Herself to some of my ham, but some people might.

I too like the way it is now. In the #2 you have the chance to roll the #1 spot, a chance, not mandatory… It’s all about the cup count, that’s how that person got there, that’s how I want to get there. Who you beat is irrelevant, win raids, get your cups… Wanna be in #1 spot, make sure you have the most cups…

The only thing I don’t like is that we can’t raid members from our own alliance… I think it would be cool to be able to do that, at least every now and then…

This is the highest I’ve reached I feel it’s a decent accomplishment just don’t have a strong enough defense to stay there my troops are woefully under lvled in comparison to other top teams and my purple is Khoina so I could improve there

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