Revise Titan Scoring + Harpoon Tracking

As we all know the current titan reward rankings are based on total damage. This isnt a 100% fair system as if a player levels they get the additional attacks over the rest of the alliance. Yes as an alliance we all work together so not a massive issue

My suggestion would be for (Total Titan Score/ Total Number of hits) This would give you the average damage per flag and help people track their improvement progress.

You could even factor in a difficulty factor based on titan level and then have a weekly/monthly leader board for additional rewards

Also for alliance leaders it would be useful for the results table to have an additional 2 columns. Flags used and harpoons used. This would help track member activity level .

My alliance is interesting. We only have a few that are able to make harpoons but they tend to not be the highest titan scorer. So that kinda balances it out in my mind.
Two of our members appears to have focused on maxing more heroes while they were leveling buildings. So they throw harpoons while the other 2 do the majority of damage. It’s interesting how it worked out

Also there are already posts on this subject @Rook, @zephyr1, @Garanwyn, @Kerridoc, this appears to be merge worthy and I promise no alcohol is involved!!

The OP has two distinct ideas. Tracking harpoon counts is well covered here:

The extended information is probably covered here:

Let’s keep the discussion in one of these two threads, please.

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