Review/Replay Raids

Hopefully not a duplicate request, I did a quick search and didn’t see this…

I would really like to be able to see what team of heroes attacked me. When my defensive team loses I want to know why.

Better yet, it would be great to be able to watch replays.

Their system may not be able to store replays, although I’d expect that, for game integrity sake, the devs and support probably have some kind of replay ability that they use to verify cheating or the like.

I feel like you, though. I want to know exactly why I lost, so I can shore up any weaknesses.

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Yeah, I know replays would be a huge stretch. But at least show me the attacking team.

I’ve always wanted something like this to be implemented, in order to see how close the matches are and to see how well your team’s synergy is on defense. Though I do agree, that’s probably a difficult thing to code and implement for everyone. I’d love it just so I could study different defenses and watch how they all play out; I love to analyze, compare and take notes- so if they did this it would be amazing [to me]. Plus, it would help me advise my alliance mate’s defenses better too- since I’d be able to tell what the problem is or how to better help them. I won’t be getting my hopes up though, doubt it will ever be a thing.

It’s been asked before, and the overall consensus was it would be too difficult to code and would be too hard on the servers with an overload of data or something of the sort- idk **** about that sorta computer stuff, but I think that’s the general problem with this idea.

Would also be cool to have for war as well, to watch the battles go down in real time or something. Again- would probably put too much pressure on the servers, but still would be awesome. A girl can dream, can’t she? :grin:

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Yeah, replays would be great but I understand the overhead would be huge.

But I do think it would be very simple to show us the attacking team when raided.

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