Review attacks (when attacking)



I know there are previous threads about being able to watch the defensive battles you’ve had when offline.

It has probably been mentioned before as well but i would just like to do a shout out to the possibility to re-watch my own attacks. Partly to, in best case, be able to share with friend but probably most important to look over my own strategy and handle those “wait what the f just happend”-moments.

Edit: I just realised I was in general and not features category. Mods feel free to move if you find this topic if you want.


Apparently it’s silly easy to record video with some of the newer android phones… and it isn’t hard to setup IOS.

I was looking into that earlier for a similar reason, namely to get feedback on what I could be doing better on raids as I was struggling for a while though that was partly tactics and partly team strength… once I figured out the first and started fixing the second I sort of lost interest when winning 95% of my attacks heh.

I’d look into that for a quick solution.