Reverting Buildings back and forth

I have alchemy lab at level 10, but it’s kind of useless at the moment since my advanced food storages are only at 7 and I don’t have enough ham to purchase the level 10 research. Since I am (STILL) building hero academy I don’t have availability to build up my advanced food storages.

If I revert my level 10 alchemy lab back to a level 20 forge… will my alchemy lab go back to level 10 if i revert it again or will it start over at level 1?


You can freely revert your buildings without any cost as long as you have a free builder. Your AL will remain at level 9 - your progress won’t be lost.


@D_DI is correct. And to add something on that, you can even build back your Alchemy Lab level 10 from any Forge as long as it is its minimum required level, only costing you 1 available builder and 10 seconds of your time.


Also want to add that you can revert any building to Alchemy Lab level 10 as well, not just a forge. Can be a training camp, farm or a mine even :wink: (not that I’d recommend the latter two)

2 Likes give me the stronghold levels as far as buliding all the constructsz?

For sure, Stronghold level 25 will allow you to build all structures, including their advanced versions, if available.

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