Reversed talent grid in favour of F2P and C2P players

So currently each hero can have up to 20 Talents regardless of their stars.

I suggest that the talent grid should be expanded among the lower star heroes, in order to make it balance within people who don’t pay for the game.

That means:
1* can have up to 60 talents
2* can have up to 50 talents
3* can have up to 40 talents
4* can have up to 30 talents
5* will stay the same with 20 talents

This way, the lower star heroes will end up having better stats.

I’d like it it because I pay more than you that the summons gate was not so indiscriminate and give me more because it would make it fairer for me vs lucky F2P’s right up to whales. :wink:

If you’ve tried to compete in the rare or epic quests (ie top 1000 rare or top 500 epic) then you’d see the same names in the top 100 across all 3.

So you think being able to load 3* and 4* with more talents will help those that pay less but the reality is those that pay more have more emblems than you do.

So it would make zero difference in the parts of the game that reward you and since you’ve loaded up 3* and 4* from a lesser emblem pool it starts to hurt you when you get 5* as you can’t share them around the same.


That’s an intriguing thought. Out of around 50x3 stars, I only have 2 or 3 with emblems and the only reason why I have that many is I have no sorcerers so the lampshade is +11, Grevle +4 and Hawkmoon C is +3?.

The reward for me is I do really well in three star tourneys and they’re putting me up against all +20 before I’m out.

5 Stars, what are they? You can’t realistically summon them and my 4 stars are consequently loaded with emblems. People have commented that I have so few emblems for the time I’ve been playing.

No amount of spending will help me using that strategy. Sorry, but I’m a still a sinner and bought that cheap VIP deal today.

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This is unfortunately 100% correct.

The 3* events and tournaments were (allegedly at least) supposed to benefit lower level players.

It backfired quickly. As higher level players are easily able to slap together a top notch 3* team.

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And I just think they are schoolyard bullies. The RNG usually starts me of at the 50 emblems level the opponent has and after 4 matches I up against the full 100.

Give me top 10% and I’m a happy man. (current tourney A on defense; you can see that TGW; the defense that is.)

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You’ve been doing awesome with your roster. Remember, you are always welcome to join wars with us! We could always use another heavy hitter. :wink:

No pressure either way. I keep trying to bring Eagle in, she doesn’t want the stress. And I don’t blame her, or you, or anyone else who voluntarily opts out. Wars have not been kind to us lately, with all of our overpowered opponents…

No pressure okay? I’ll opt in but don’t expect much. It’s before match making and my score will make your next opponent easier in theory. Between you and me, I don’t like mutch the anxiety it causes.

EDIT Missed out on match making by 40 minutes so it’ll be Wednesday.

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The only pressure is the pressure you put on yourself. I oftentimes trip over my own shoelaces in wars. I have fairly decent teams, but give me a string of bad boards, and I’m lucky if I can even take out a single tank. Happens to all of us.

I don’t care about personal scores. Effort is all that matters. Seriously, some of our opponents lately are so ridiculously OP that I basically go in expecting to probably lose. Just think of it as any other game “feature”, you go in and try your best and don’t worry about the results.

Remember, we’ve got a bunch of level 20s and 30s, it’s not our fault when the matchmaking pairs us up against all level 40-70+ opponents. We do our best, win or lose. I don’t even let it get me down anymore when we lose, because that would be like kicking myself because I lost a raid to a 4700 TP team. It was never even fair to begin with. :man_shrugging:

Just think of it like practice / training runs for the many heroes on your bench that rarely ever see the light of day. It’s fun to take them out of their packaging once in a while just to see what they’re capable of. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You may have noticed I apologize a lot… I can’t fix that, sorry, I know we have these junior people and I feel bad for not being supportive but when I have to take pills to participate, I’m out…

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It’s all good, man. :+1:

This game used to put me on edge, to the point that any time I lost a raid, I immediately concluded that it was either my fault because I suck, or the game is rigged somehow, and I would slam my phone down (or occasionally toss it across the room) in frustration.

I have come to accept that RNG is just a total heartless ***** and that :poop: happens, no matter how hard you try. So I don’t sweat the losing so much anymore. Come here to vent about it, about how stupid it is that matchmaking keeps forcing us into unwinnable scenarios? Sure. But I no longer blame myself (or any of our other members) for it.

The game isn’t fair, and it’s no longer even attempting to try to pretend to be fair. But every once in a blue moon, we get a war opponent that looks fairly strong, but has no clue what the heck they’re doing. And it’s great fun beating them up! :laughing:

EDIT: oops, sorry, definitely gone way off topic here.

The reversed talent grid would not help much at all in any scenario that I can think of. Definitely not in wars. Even if you enabled a 3* hero to emblem up to a near 4* hero level… as was already pointed out, the top level guys would just emblem up even higher to compensate. The game is never going to be “fair” in that sense.

I think the best way to help FTP and CTP players would be by making it easier overall to actually get 4 and 5 star heroes in the first place.

Overall, I do like emblems, because they enable even a FTP to improve their own heroes above and beyond their original limitations. Once upon a time, if you were only lucky enough to pull 4* heroes, that was it - you maxed those heroes, and you had no where further to progress. Emblems (and now costumes) allow you to beef up your 4* heroes up to near 5* level, without having to rely on RNG.

The problem though is that 5* heroes can also emblem up. And who do you think is going to have more available emblems overall? Naturally, the biggest paying players. So emblems are not exactly an equalizer.

Essentially… emblems helped people who were only lucky enough to pull 4* heroes, to be able to try to keep up with unemblemed 5* heroes.

Costumes enabled people who only had vanilla 5* heroes to try to be able to keep up with the people who had better 5* heroes.

But in the long run, it’s still going to be the top spenders who end up with most of the heroes, most of the emblems, and most of the costumes anyway.

I get what you all mean. But when it comes to normal daily raid, a team of fully emblems 3* could hardly compete with a team of fully emblems 5*.

My idea is just, that I want a team of fully emblems 3* could compete fairly with a team of fully emblems 5*.

This could work when the 3* heroes get up to 40 emblems.

And I don’t think any whales or top players would not change their defense at all in this system, as 5* heroes will still be their favourite. The system I am suggesting is only meant to benefit those who couldn’t have a 5* hero.

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That sounds good in theory, but in reality, 5s are supposed to be better than 3s. 3s are never supposed to be competing against 5s in the first place. The 3s are supposed to have their own place to fight against others at their own power.

The problem is that the highest level players have decided to also take over the lower level fights too, out of boredom, or seeking easy kills because they can’t compete at their own level, or whatever.

I just don’t see any possible scenario where a 3* hero could ever be made strong enough to be competitive against 5s. 3* heroes were never meant to bring anyone to end game. You need at least 4* heroes for that, and trust me when I say that even full FTP players can and will eventually get full teams of 4* heroes.

3* heroes are basically trainers. 4*s eventually become the basic bread and butter for anyone who doesn’t spend in huge amounts. 5s are… well. That is a much more complicated issue. They’re supposed to be “rare”, but they’re only rare for low spenders. Entirely separate topic there.

If 3* were competitive with 5* there’d be no incentive to grow beyond them. They are the starter heroes with which newer players learn the ins and outs of the game. A fully emblemed 3* should be competitive with an unemblemed maxed 4*, just as a fully emblemed 4* is typically competitive with an unembmened maxed 5* (yes, there are some that are better). I’m not sure that currently is the case though. None of my 3* are emblemed.

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