Revenging my revenge!?

As is seen here, a bug happens after I attempt revenge on and opponent and fail once. Having then clicked rematch my second attempt is suddenly treated as an attack. It succeeds and moments later the opponent, Buljuba, takes revenge on me. This is not supposed to happen. Buljuba had already attacked me and I sought revenge. That same opponent is not supposed to be able to revenge my revenge…

This has happened to me before too. It’s an edge case that only happens when you revenge the opponent at the bottom of your watchtower and fail, then click rematch. The next attempt is treated as a raid rather than a revenge, since the opponent got bumped out of your raid watchtower.

Apparently, for a raid to be treated as a revenge, you need to have the opponent with a registered raid on you on your watchtower.

I’m not sure if this is intended behavior though, but devs haven’t addressed it in the year that I’ve pointed it out.


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