Revengers Assemble - Recruiting new and existing players

Alliance: Revengers Assemble
Requirements: Open

We’re a small alliance looking for more players to join and help us progress.

We have an easygoing attitude to the game, we’re committed but ultimately here to have fun and enjoy. Active on Titans and Wars which you’d be expected to hit (or opt out of war). We’re a friendly, supportive group that aims to do the best with what we have. There’s no pressure to hit certain targets, as long as you show progression (be it at your own pace) and contribute to the alliance.

No limit on cups/level to apply everyone is welcome, the only requirement is to be respectful to other players. Talk on chat / don’t talk on chat it doesn’t matter.

We’re building our alliance from the ground up which we’re really excited about having the opportunity of earning ourselves every next step in Titans / Wars / Rankings.

Hopefully you’d like to join us on our new venture, everyone else wish us luck and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

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Still looking for more players to come join us.

No cup limits or other requirements needed making it a perfect opportunity for new players.

@Stringfellow We’d love you to join our alliance, we play daily and are looking to progress further. We’re just missing the numbers to do so and think you’d be the perfect fit.

@Gerry7 saw your post and hope you’ll give us a try. Alliance is open so feel free to hop in and have a look . Active daily on Titans and War, latest War win was very successful.

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Another successful war done and dusted, looking for more players to join us for the next trip to the battlefield!

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Had a few more recruits join us and we’re growing steadily. We’re active daily and enjoying the progress, jump in and join us!!

A review of our recent war activity for November so far.

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