Revenged while online

Was doing some raiding and never left the game, not even checked the notification banner on the phone.

Came out of my own offensive raid to be told that someone had raided/ revenged me… While I was online…

Is this some bug or a new feature… Personally I keep getting a notification saying “opponent is online, do you want to reroll?”

I have had this happen too. In my case, it wasn’t a bug though. If someone is in the process of raiding you and you login, they continue the raid. You will get a notice later that you have been raided despite being online. However, if you have been online for more than 10 minutes and you get a notice it could be a bug since the raids are time limited. If it shows up after like 30 minutes or 1 hour then it could be a bug. Make sure to check the time they raided as XX minutes ago. It could be that the notice was just slow also.
If you are in the top 100 you can be raided even online. Not that I have been there…LOL.

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Hi obsidian,

Unfortunately it turns out that it was the latter part your reply that was the case.

I was pushing for #1 and was not aware of the fact that top 100 can be revenged while online… Shame really

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