Revenged two times

One of our fellow players got revenged two times by one enemy. He sais that he attacked him only once. How can this be possible?Screenshot_2019-02-04-21-04-41

The last time someone posted this, it seemed to turn out they actually had attacked the same team twice (which your alliance mate says doesn’t apply):

This older post seems more inconclusive:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Any insights on this?)


Thank you, it really seems that the second attack is just isnt visible in the tower any more. I guess that the developers would have written something in the previous topics if it really was a bug.

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That does seem like the simplest and most plausible answer, particularly since it doesn’t seem to get reported very often. I’d sort of expect that a systemic problem would show up a lot more often.


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