Revenged By Phantoms

I was Revenged by phantom player(s) whom I’ve never engaged in raids who took over 100 hard earned cups in the process. I reporting this because I want a investigation into how this could happen and whether I should continue on supporting this game. Issue occurred around 20:34pm Thursday February 7 while I was Active! Screenshot_2019-02-07-20-36-07|250x500

@Killjoyz I see a couple things to note in your post. Hopefully, some of this will help :smile:

To be revenged, you had to have attacked and beat that player previously. Which you obviously understand based on your post. Have you looked through your entire watchtower for this player? Your screenshots seem to indicate you raid often. Perhaps these players are further down the list?

If you don’t see these players listed in your watchtower, remember that revenges fall out of players watchtowers at different rates. By that I mean, when someone raids, it ‘pushes out’ the oldest raid from the bottom of the watchtower list. It could be someone you attacked or someone that attacked you. Someone that raids a lot will move those notifications out faster than someone that doesn’t.

If you don’t see the notification where you attacked and won a battle against these players, it could be that your raids cleared out that history. Just because you raid a lot doesn’t mean your opponents do. They could still have that raid sitting in their watchtower and have the opportunity to revenge.

Going to make the assumption you are not in the top 100?? Top 100 players can be raided at any time.

Other than that, a common scenario I see is that a revenge against you was started before you logged on. The fight your opponent started does not get ended because you log on. Since some revengs can take several minutes, the notification could show 5+ minutes after you log on.

I have seen some reports of raids taking place after the player has been online for quite a while. That was several weeks ago and I haven’t seen any recent reports. I wouldn’t discount an issue, but I think the most probable scenario is you raided them previously and the raid fell out of your watchtower.


I know who I’ve raided and it ain"t these guys besides I would never raid anyone with a lopsided ratio in cups this large… Mines are usally 40/* 45/* 50/* not */50 or */52 never! So who are they and where did they come from or are you creating them yourselves… I’ve didn’t vest plenty in this game only to be hoodwinked. I want solid concrete answers, not a guess. I look forward to your answer that’s concrete if not, this game will become history and you’ ll have another dissatified consumer…

52 and 55 cups is beyond the matching algorithm’s bounds. Those gains indicate over 300 cups of difference between your ratings. We’re probably talking about at least a mild cup dropper here. So you would have raided against them when they were much at higher cups, and maybe a few days ago.

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@Killjoyz If you want definitive answers in what happened, you’ll likely have to contact SG directly through a support ticket. While SG does read many of the bug reports here, they rarely respond to them. What you see in this forum is other players trying to help.

So, take the input offered and try to have a discussion that will get you the answer you’re looking for or improve your knowledge base. Promises of quitting the game fall on deaf ears here as we have no access to your account history.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket if that’s the route you decide.


This ■■■■ has got go stop, obviously you have a glitch and these %*`& are exploiting it… Here’s another ahole who hit me up for 55 I did not raid! So I don’t know how he get’s to revenge me, not unless this is a scam!!


Feb 10 2019 21:30

Finding it very odd it always some person(s) flying this flag…

My next action will be to delete… If they are hacking your game no telling what type of exploit is beong passed along!

Have you submitted a support ticket to SG yet?

I have no idea what you’re talking about here. The only thing I assumed was this:

Are you trying to say you ARE in the top 100? Not sure what ‘happened’ when I assumed you weren’t, but that is a fairly good assumption as those that make the top 100 have been around long enough to know those in the top 100 can get raided while online.

I want to stress again that the responses you receive on this forum are from players and not from SG. There is no covering up issues or glossing over them. The responses you see are from players trying to help you. Take them or leave them, but there is no reason to be rude.

As @Garanwyn and I have both suggested - Report this to SG directly.


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