Revenge Top 100 not working?

Top 100 but I can’t revenge has this feature been removed?

given that he’s 99, he probably dropped out of the top 100 due to shuffling at the bottom but hadn’t refreshed the data on your client-side yet. From what I can tell, right when you press “attack” it does a final server-side check to see if they are still in top 100.


You can’t revenge because he was online. My advice is wait a little bit and try again.

If the person who attacked you is in the top 100, you can revenge even if they are online. This change was made a few updates back.

However, there’s a lag in data syncing between servers and your phone regarding cups and leaderboard as it’s constantly shuffling. So it might show him as rank 99, when in fact he’s actually dropped outside 100.

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Top 100 can be revemged while online.
He probably got bumped out of Top100 like Dante said.

You can go for revenge against a player who is in the top100 even while he / she is online.

You can attack him now but obviously he didn’t drop in cups

Or maybe he is temporarily but got them back…

it’s not unheard of to move up while offline either - one of our guys went UP to #5 while sleeping last night…

The raiding system is all weird and funky anyway, and I have noticed some changes with it since this last patch, so maybe that is one of them, or perhaps not. Torx was really close to the edge of the top 100 and even with the bump up in the rankings is still a raid away from being bumped off.

I kept trying even after awhile he went up and still couldn’t do it so whatever just moved on.

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