Revenge System completely unfair and f**** up

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@zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Rook possible Merge to the unfair raids topic ,also not a bug.


Definitely gets messy when you go over 2600 cups. Happens to everybody in our alliance. I guess I just look at it as a way to fill chest. Good luck


Do you want to vent? Or do you want to have a constructive conversation?

If you want to vent I’ll explain why you are wrong and then go away.

If you want to have a constructive conversation I will explain why you are wrong, then help you understand how to manage this, then go away.

Your choice.


I’m going to wait to see what the response is to @Cvs about whether this is meant as venting or seeking advice. That’ll help determine where this conversation will best fit.


Please, go ahead, and tell me, how the things I experience are wrong. Were you there? Did you see the losses? Did you see my raids and how the calculations are off or are you just another kool-aid drinker with the “it’s RNG mantra”?

Don’t tell me I’m wrong. You can tell me that you see it differently but you have no base and more importantly no business to tell me I’m wrong.

And while I’m there… all this for a diamond tier reward of 1* and 2* mats and 5 diamonds? Really, ■■■■ you, SG for ruining a good game with your greed.

Once you reach a cup count of mid to high 2600, you become a very attractive target. This is not just you, but most players. Generally, once you hit that high 2600 cup count you are reaching into the top 1000 or so (give or take) players. When this happens, MOST players that roll you for a raid will see the possibility to take a large number of cups. I don’t know what your defense looks like, but unless you are @Ender_BattleSchool, @Wormwood, or @Uclapack; your defense probably isn’t scaring anyone off.

Since you have grown your team all the up to being able to compete in high diamond (for a moment or two), you understand that “small or weaker” teams can easily beat “larger or stronger” teams with color stacking tactics. this may be why it feels like every team beats you. It’s probably not every team, but I get how it can feel that way. post some screenshots so we can see what you are talking about.

You can only see their defense. You have no idea what team they brought to beat your defense.

Well, unless you were in the top 100, this isn’t the case. I am in the top 100 a few times a week and get raided a LOT since my team cant hold me up there for any longer than an hour max with good to great conditions. You are probably seeing a delay from loggin on to when a raid ends. or a delay in when the win/loss is reported back to you.

Am I missing one of your key points? let me know and I would be happy to respond.


I personally dont like kool-aid, but how about this…

You are looking at your cups v their cups at a single point in time, post-loss. You have to go back to the moment the raid was initiated to see what the cup spread was then.


I don’t think they have quite enough ways to ruin the game & betray the players yet…we haven’t even seen how they can ruin an idea like the Hero Academy yet.


gentle whisper

Please remember Forum Rules. Thanks. :slight_smile:


No I think, from my own experience is that cups count and if I go raiding (not revenge raids) I get matched with people of a similar global ranking but have no hope in hell of besting or even matching with my team strength. Sometimes it takes me all three goes to win. No one can expect to win all the time; it’s not realistic unless you are top ranked. I’m not going to invoke the PRNG Mantra, it’s just fair play. Another few months and they will be targets for you.
Patience grasshopper. Enjoy, rant (I do frequently) but get on with it.:slightly_smiling_face:

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To be clear, what’s getting flagged are inappropriate language and name calling.

You can express any viewpoint you want, but must do so appropriately and civilly.


Let’s try to be civil here, no inappropriate behavior is tolerated as Rook and Zephyr mentioned.

I’m closing this topic, you may continue this discussion on relevant topics with a better attitude.


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