Revenge Raids

I think this should be considered. If you raid someone that has 1 defense i think if they try to get revenge they should be forced to do revenge attacks only with the team you beat. I feel people put in lower defense for whatever reason then come back with a team like 500 to 1000 more team power. So after all said and done what does everybody think? Waking up 300 trophies less is becoming an everyday thing now.

Why limit the revenge? Offense vs defense teams are different. Example: Cohen is good defense, terrible offense because of the slow.

When someone just has wu kong on the team? Then comes back with a 3k team to revenge?

And to which team should you revenge? To offence or to defence?


My attack team doesn’t rely on the same skills as my defense team. This is a bad idea in principal…

If you were to say that you could only be revenged by the same number of heroes you had to defeat, I could at least not argue against it… But as presented, just no.


What about: you can only revenge with a team of the same power value (I know they’re debatable too…) Then if you put out a weak team, you can only revenge with a weak team, if you put out a strong team, you are still likely to be able to use your bench for tactical flexibility.

I like that idea. I guess what i was getting at is people put out loser teams to lose on purpose then revenge with maxed 5* team.


Yes, it is annoying. But I don’t think the game can be changed to prevent it without being too draconian/complicated. Besides, the 1.12 raid loot nerf has cut the rewards for cup dropping significantly already; I wouldn’t expect more of that any time soon.

Accept that there will always be people who post a weaker defense team than they could for some reason; that leaves you a couple choices:

  1. Take advantage of it, to get an easy raid, possibly with good loot, and bump your trophies up, knowing you will probably lose them again to a revenge attack soon.
  2. Watch for them, and re-roll, so you won’t get revenged as much…One hero, 1* or 2* heroes, something that looks really weak for the player level, or something that looks like a joke… The All Grimm death metal band- And other bands battling them this Friday Night!

I take door #1, especially if the loot or trophy gain is appealing.

Exactly people are human and evil generally. How does a team revenge 1800 beat my team of 2200 power? Hopefully screen shots below. Moderators please fix that revenge can only be with cobtraints of team powers. There are players whose DEFENCE team is one only or Two only hero and they come back and revenge WIN. Ok will not let me attach screen shots

I don’t understand why people have a problem with cup dropping. I field a team around 3000tp which keeps me in platinum arena and means I can quickly revenge attacks each day to fill my chest. Other people get to kill my defense team easily and get the loot for less effort. Its a win win.


Yeah - this is exactly what I was thinking. What am I missing?

It’s nothing uncommon to beat a team stronger by 500 points. Color stacking and careful team selection do the job.

I think your defense team is absolutely NOT ready for tier you placed yourself with endless rerolls.

That is their defense team, not the team they attacked you with.

If you are revenging a cup dropper who has his/her strong defense active just wait and revenge later when he is using his/her weak defense.

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People do intentionally lower their defensive hero rating so that they can come back and revenge with a higher offensive hero rating. The trophies are very lopsided either way though. I can win a dozen or so trophies beating a defensive team with a rating of a couple hundred or more less than mine. When they revenge me, I can lose like 50 trophies. I can usually spot the ones that have an unusual defensive set up and skip past them, but I think this is an issue and should be improved on.

So I am new to this, only playing for 6 weeks.

The recommendation here is best to have an average defense team and revenge them with my A-team who are plus 200 to 450 points higher. Thinking I lose more than I gain in revenges, may be, may be not, I will give it a try.

Thank you for advice, I will get there eventually, I have limited experience, only been playing 6 weeks.

It’s not so much a recommendation as an observation of what people do in the game.

Why do you revenge raid? Is it to get even? Is it to fill your chest?

If it’s to fill your chest then you can easier pick and choose opponents by raiding as opposed to revenge raiding. The reason people use a weaker defense is to lose cups so they are paired with weaker opponents when they raid, making it easier to fill their chest. They can pick and choose opponents with higher cups than them and gain a big swing in cups to climb back up to a higher tier for opening their chest (eg. gold instead of silver). It is certainly a viable option to try but …

Six weeks into the game you are probably not going to have the bench strength to adjust to different defenses and be able to raid to higher tiers. I did not get the hang of raiding (or actually start enjoying it) until I’d been playing for about 4-5 months. But I’m F2P. If you spend you’ll get there somewhat quicker.

Personally, I don’t cup drop.