Revenge Raids way over 300 cup limit

I have my partner who just started playing and she is getting raided by teams way over the 300 cup limit by 1500 plus at times.

This is only 4 of the many I have screenshoted.

As far as I know it show still be 300 cups either way

The images here are all revenges of those that attacked her

Please inform!

In short, the fact that these are revenge matchups means that the +/- 300 rule does not apply. It applied at the time of the original raid against your partner, but not at the time she went to get revenge. In at least some of these cases she has almost certainly run into cup-droppers.


Again you telling me that in the last 24hrs these players increased their cups by a difference of 1000 plus, andvthat they won that many cups in a 24hr period, extremely unlikely and if it where possible then there should be a a cup drop limit put in place as this is just a total and complete injustice to lower leveled players

Actually it’s pretty easy. Just set a weak defense and you’ll drop many cups overnight. They you’ll climb up really quickly taking revenge and getting matched with weaker opponents.

Not a bug.


To your last point I cannot agree more. Unfortunately, the in game economy is such that there isn’t a huge incentive for people to actual raid at their appropriate level, but there are substantial incentives for cup-dropping behavior.


I myself have been playing for a year now and I constantly fight opponents with 4000 plus tp…

I now how hard it is or what can be done when it comes to dropping cups, as I said it makes absuloply no sense to want to increase that fast.

So what’s your point right now? You say it’s a bug because it doesn’t make sense to increase cups quickly? I don’t know whether it makes sense for someone, but it’s entirely possible.
So what’s the bug you’re reporting?

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If those are revenges, then there is nothing to inform and no bug at all.

Those players use a strategy called cup dropping, it’s used to fill hero chests fast.

I would never use it but I’ll use myself as an example on how to use it:

My best team has 3500TP and currently I have 2200 cups (platinum). It’s 11pm and I’m going bed. Before that I set up a really weak defense team, lets say five 1* heroes. Next day I wake up and see that 20 players attacked me (they destroyed me because they have teams much stronger that can easily crush my five 1* heroes), so I lost 600 cups that night. I’m now 1600 cups (gold).

I don’t want to revenge those players, insted I roll for other opponents. I find players around 1600 (±300 which means 1300 - 1900) with probably 2800TP. Since I have 3500TP I can crush them all pretty easy and climb again, while filling my hero chest in a blink and open when I’m back in platinum with 1800+ cups. Even I can spend gems to speed up the chest to open it again.

Lets say in the process I defeated a 1400 cup team, and after all the battles I ended up again with 2200 cups. Next time that poor victim connects and wants to revenge me, that player will see a 2200 cups opponent, way ahead than his/her current 1400 cups

Your partner is that victim.

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A quick fix to this issue as I have suggested sometimes, is to make remarkable distinctions between raids done in each raid arena, such that chests are significantly rewarded differently for each arena, in any case and for instance, if you do more than say 30% of your raids in platinum, even if you eventually climbed back to diamond, your chest should be rewarded based on platinum. Similarly if your raids are more than say 25% in Gold, then the filled up chest should be rewarded based on Gold and so forth…
And the reward should be noticeably better as you go higher on the arenas.

It is actually not a bug, but some Players had chosen to exploit some loopholes in the game to their advantage and at the nuance of upcoming players.

Hopefully, SG will address that scheming and crafty approach one day, just like merc was addressed.

I’m only dropping cups from mid-diamond to lower diamond so I like your idea lol

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Trying to be sarcastic is going to get you nowhere!

Yes I did report this as a bug on behalf of my partner.

In doing so I found out it wasn’t and that it was possible for cup droppers to achieve such things which I have accepted that response and did inform my partner of that response.

As a result of that respose I have said that SG should put a cup dropping limit in place because it is just not right, just or fair that such an advanced player can take advantage of such lower leveled players thus encouraging frustration and disappointment towards the game by thise players thus also the reason so many say that raids are unfair.

So in what was first thought as being a bug is now turned into a unfair raid debate to stop this from happening to such lower leveled players and no I myself am not one of those players but this is frustrating enough as it is without SG allowing such outright unjustified occurrence to hapoen against all lower leveled players not just one.

Thus this conversation will now move to where this link will be place.


Please place any responses to this post here at this below link.


Just thought i would weigh in with one point. On platinum tier i get unfarmable ascensions maybe once every 8 or so chests. On diamond its maybe 1 in 6 including 4* plus some random stuff like emblems. So there is definitely a point in trying to reach higher tiers at least in my experience. And in regards to why would someone aggressively cup drop then go up again? So that fllling multiple raid chests will be quick and easy

Hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved this thread to general discussion, given you also identified this was not a bug. I’ve also editef the title of your post to include “revenge” raids as you are referring specifically to revenge Raids? Hope this is okay.

I’m in mid platinum and at times find myself briefly in diamond, only to be knocked back to platinum when I next check my phone. My opponents tend to be 500+ TP above me. Yes it’s frustrating but when I have an opportunity to win back more then they stole, revenge wins can be very rewarding.

I am surprised after a year playing this game you haven’t crossed paths with more cup droppers - I meet them daily :confounded:

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I have come across them at my level and even do it myself at times but we are talking about 1500 cups difference against opponents that have nothing more than 1 or 2 unleveled 4* maybe and unleveled 3* against fully maxed teams of 5*s from players 20 to 30 plus levels higher.

That’s like a 50yr old taking on a 20yr old, it’s justifiably totally unjust, unfair and out right disgraceful and has no place in society.

Oh! No problem with you moving and rename either.


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I don’t like this idea at all. It would mean I shouldn’t raid myself in the top 50 anymore, because when I do, I sometimes fall back to platinum. With your proposal I would get punished for raiding very well. If I stay under 2700 trophies, I’ll usually stay between 2500-2600 when offline. I only fall down when I get more trophies.

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