Revenge Raids are unfair!

My base was attacked by someone!!! Help me!!!

I wish I could tell u it gets better @Vincent_the_King. But there r far and few times in between when u wake up in the morning and u c that ur down some serious trophies. Eventually though if u can make it towards the top and really focus on a defense that is set to have their specials stack, r maxed and hopefully beefed up even further with hero tokens, and finally is a defense that focuses on not only healing like ailments like say Rigard, but also de-buffs the opponent like Melendor. If u land Kiril too he’s a great tank and not only heals like the others but also adds offense and lowers the opponents defense. Thee r some great thinking minds on this forum that far exceed my skill level and in my opinion it’s hard to top @Razor. Check his topics on hero updates. He will always give u offense and defense breakdowns. But remember even when ur one of those top 100 players and ur defense seems PERFECT! … all it takes is one lucky player that stacks like crazy as gets a magical board and u can still go down. Best of luck and also check out topics by the folllowing…
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Normally i would have loled and sent you to the ‘complaint topic’. But I saw you have 1 day of forum.
@Vincent_the_King it is normal to be attacked. you lose only cups, if you empty your watchtower everytime you logout.

@zephyr1 category is wrong. and should be moved - i think to a guide topic? ty


Can this topic be removed? It adds absolutely nothing to the community.
Revenge raids are NOT unfair!

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Revenges are a normal part of the game. Only a schoolyard bully thinks you can attack without retribution. And you can also be attacked by people who just raid you randomly.

All of which is a good thing. It keeps your trophy count reasonably low somthat you can fill your Heroes Wanted chest more easily the next day.

There’s plenty of info in these forums about setting raid defenses and learning how to raid effectively.

Some great resources for indexed information:


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