Revenge raids are rewarded for multiple attempts unfairly

The system for revenge raids is so broken. How can it be that the first revenge raid on me fails, they loose say 15 cups, second revenge raid fails they loose 14 cups, final revenge wins and they get 50 cups off me. The current system rewards failure in that it gives your opponent the incentive to keep attacking as they will get even more cups back for failure.
There should be a process of 1st revenge attack you get 100% of cups back that you deserve. If that attack fails the second revenge attack should yield no more than 66% of the cups you could have possibly got if you won. If that 2nd revenge attack failed and you went for a 3rd attempt then this one should yield you no more than 33% of maximum cups possibly gained
A much fairer system than penalizes a revenge player for repeated failure but still rewards for a win albeit with diminishing returns.

I am very sure this has be spoken about in detail before, I cant seem to find a thread on it.

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It’s working as intended.

The thing is that rank fluctuates. The cups are determined by how far away from you is the opponent in terms of cups - the range is +/- 300 I believe.

Often times, you will get a loss from a weaker team as attackers have a bit of an advantage, due to being able to control the board and the targets they chose.

If your idea is implemented, it will mean in manyof the cases that you will be able to destroy a team that is much weaker than yours for a large amount of cups.

Hope this helps :smiley:

@Gryphonknight is our resident expert on ELO ranking and trophies. He’s really good at explaining what happens, and why, in the win/lost of trophies.

Short answer, though: if someone is way lower than you in trophies, they’ll either lose a little or win a lot from fighting you.


Hey, you!

Stop stealing my thunder by overcomplicating my simple polls, and oversimplifying my complex explanation :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I dont have a problem with the the first revenge attack getting 50 cups if it wins then thats good with me, however they did it.
What is wrong is you are further rewarded for repeated failure. As i said there should some sort of diminishing return if your revenge attack fails and you keep trying again.
why would my system yield large cups if i hit a weaker base? The current cup score system is FINE if its your FIRST revenge attack and you win. Its also fine if you are just randomly attacking someone else.

Prometheus stole fire. I steal thunder. Everyone has to have a hobby! :sunglasses:

Anyway, explaining how a loss followed by a win nets fewer cups than just winning outright is all yours here. Go nuts!


Ugh, not 100 percent I understand you :grinning:

Anyways let me see if I can clarify.

If you are revenging a player that has more cups currently, if you lose the first one, the enemy pulls ahead and makes the difference between the your cups larger. That somehwat means that you are even weaker and the oponent is even stronger, relatively speaking, so the system adjusts the cups for your second revenge to reward you even more for attacking a stronger team.

In the end, even if you give 40 cups the first raid and take 44 in the second, the net sum is still in favour of the defender as those -4 cups are compensated by the cups gained from the original attack you are revenging.


Haha, I was just pulling your leg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not sure I’m doing a great job explaining it anyways, so you can jump at any point :grin:

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You’re doing fine :slightly_smiling_face:


You did fine. It is more complex than that but you covered all the important bits.

Click for further details. Be warned, incredibly boring and unsatisfactory

This is the most basic explanation possible of the OP situation.




WOW, This must be the most accurate post ever on this forum!!!
I am not sure about the accuracy of the details but…

…100% correct. :wink:

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If I understand the OP, player is pissed the system is working as others have explained. At no time did I think it needed to be explained.

@Apollo1000, let the ego (see other thread about ego/raids) go. Losing cups is a benefit. While it is true revenge raids do not give you new targets, it does give you an easier opponent base when you come back to the game. This helps filling that chest. Remember, though, you must keep that tower empty.

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The details are accurate too :wink:

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