Revenge raids are not fair! Part 2

Already gave you 3 paragraphs but okay.

Try this thread, this guy has the right attitude to raiding:

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Hello Mantis,

the question is if this is fair or not. We do not discuss about attitude…

Right. All is fair in love and war, as they say.

This was addressed during one of the recent updates when they expanded the watchtower list. I would love to come on to a list like that as long as I can take advantage of the revenges. I get what you are saying. It is a little above the norm too come back to 17 raids, but I’ve had it happen to me. It’s not that big of a deal for me. I simply do some revenges and then move on. Even if all 17 were wins against you, you would have to wait 11 hours without the use of raid flasks after using your 6 raid flags to get all of your revenges in anyway.

I would say it’s just unlucky. Happens to all of us.

Last night, I got attacked for minus 189 trophies overnight and our leader for minus 150. And no, we did not change our def teams.

I went into our line chat yelling: "Hey!! Who put the “FREE BEER!!” sign on my keep??? " :wink:

Sometimes, you just get unlucky like that. And don’t get me started on my “luck” in actively raiding today … uhm … what exactly are “combinations”? :wink:

Happens to all of us …

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I actually use the revenge function as free rerolls; I don’t care where my ham minimum raid value comes from and forced sitting above 2400 (which usually means 2500/2600 unfortunately) on my main getting to my minimum hams is far cheaper with revenges than lucky rerolls for high ham targets which rarely exist at that level.


As @Kerridoc said

“Your absolutely right that raids are not fair. Offense has ginormous advantages over defense. I win 85% of my (outgoing) raids, based on a tally I did recently.”

One reason mentioned in lots of threads all over the forum is the stupidity of the defence ruled by artificial inteligence. The AI hits more or less randomly and seldom = coincidentally with any strategic purpose.

Therefor defence (that is YOU, when you are raided!) has most of the time a huge disadvantage. I tried some one color teams with less than 3000 hitpoints against teams 3700+ and more often than not it works very fine.

“Unfair” seems to me not the right wording, It’s a mix of game technique (AI etc), good/bad boards, the right team for attacking (which can vary a lot depending on the opponent), your personal fighting skills (you find lots of advice on this), and maybe more I’m not taking into account right now.

btw: thanks to @rook again and again for patient and moderate moderation :smiley:


I vote for ‘fair’.

Is anyone counting? What’s the score? Can we make this a poll?


Lol. You know, could have been me, but I assure you I am not obsessed and not waiting for you to log out again :wink: . If I raid and lose, I will press rematch, even when I am out of flags. That way if I come back after an hour or two if I press raid I can still rematch (if they are not online). Sometimes I remember to check in my tower to see if they are (because it they are you will just get someone else). I just like to retry with a different strategy or when I am too lazy or I think it was the board with the same strategy.

I was offline for 20 mins (right before an AW) and was attacked 9 times, lost a bucket laid of trophies! I think I trumped you. :wink:

I think the main problem with all the complaints that something is “not fair” or “cheating” is that lots, loooots of players don’t realize that E&P is pretty much based on strategy. Sure, at the very beginning there isn’t much of a strategy when it comes to heroes (when you only have 1* and 2* available), but after playing for a while you learn how to arrange your heroes for the best effect. For example, having an all 5* team doesn’t mean you’re gonna be victiorious in every battle or mission, a good balanced and fitted team gives you that.


Many top-100 raiders use 4* heroes regularly, even when we have a 5* of the same color. Heroes like Boldtusk, Kiril, Grimm, Peters and Merlin can add a lot to a raid. It’s not all about 5* heroes…

That’s what I meant. Many people think having 5* heroes guarantees winning, while it’s not always true. It’s all about matching the heroes with what your opponent has as a defense.


When raiding, I’m actually happier facing a team including more “powerful” 5* heroes at 3/70 than a whole team of 4* heroes all at 4/70. Just because the listed points value of a hero is higher doesn’t mean the actual effectiveness is better.


Thanks mate. Feeling better now as know i am not alone…

Same boat but a little worse seeing since it won’t even let me revenge these scrub teams, it’s just telling me to reroll every time, not even saying its because their online I went from 1825 to below 1600 in less than a week!

The game won’t let people who’ve updated revenge attack people who haven’t updated yet.

Hmm… Looks like a nice strategy that I’ve never followed. Thanks for the tip!

There are, what? 2 million players? Roughly?

@Sorsha Everyone gets 24 flags a day and people also supplement these with flasks.

So if even half of players are playing to their 24 flag potential then it would be reasonable to get hit 12 times a day. And the game is random, so getting hit twice as much is completely plausible.

Offence has the advantage, because it’s the active part of the game played by a human. So they can pick who they attack. And if offence usually lost, no one would attack.

So we should all expect to lose on defense multiple times a day.

I’m a completely average player, sitting in the middle of the middle arena - gold - with a team of 4* heroes at various stages.

I have already won 10 times today and have 6 flags waiting. I would expect to win 4 of those.

That means 14 people will have lost from just my attacks today.

And I expect to be hit as often as that. It’s down to me to pick enemies that keep my cups up, if that’s my strategy, accepting that I will lose plenty overnight.

If you get weak tiles at the wrong time, it’s easy to power the mana of a weak opponent and lose. I play a very stacked team, so if I get above average green and yellow tiles down the middle, I’m stuffed. That’s the risk. If I get red and blue, I can blow away an equivalent team in under 10 moves.

We can’t all win all the time. I don’t see how it’s unfair?


it fills your mouth to talk about strategy, blah, blah. I’ve been in games for 20 years and I assure you that this is the most unbalanced for real money. Strategy is what we do with normal, no expense or moderate spending like me, to deal with whales like you and sometimes win. It is easy to talk about strategy with a bank, bought with money, 15 4 and 5 of the best combining on the occasion, but the normal ones play with what we have and it is poor and scarce. you make this forum, except for great exceptions, something useless

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