Revenge raids are not fair! Part 2

As I said in a previous post, this raids are not fair. The moderators close the topics when they like, without reading the topic and understanding it! ROOK, please read the topic and try to do an effort to understanding it! What I said in that topic is that when I fight against someone with much less power than me and much more trophys than me, I loose the 3 raids and loose about 100 trophys, thats surreal when I have a team with a power of 3700 with 2060 trophys and fight with someone with a power of 3200 and 2300 trophys! Tell me, Rook “the moderator”, is that what Petri says in the email???
If there are cheaters in the game, I don’t know, if the SG staff beneffits some players, thats BAD, but I helped more than some “players/moderators” and I’m in my right to demand some fairness!


Hm… call it superstition, call it voodoo … whatever … but I am under the impression that I get much better boards when I raid UP ( opponent has more cups and more team power) than when I think “let’s be lazy today” and then I raid DOWN (fewer cups, less team power).

So much so that I stopped raiding down completely.

And raids are not only a matter of team power. There are quite a number of aspects to be considered. You may wish to learn from some experienced players in your alliance.


Lol! I have noticed the same phenomenon (natural or otherwise!).


You either have bad luck, dont understand the game mechanics or your heros arent good for raiding.

Dial down the ???'s, the !!!'s and the CAPs. Post some pictures and you might get a serious answer and some help. Throwing around the “cheaters” word will just get you a big old “buuhuu” in response.

What are your heros?
What heros did you raid against?
Were the boards bad?


Your absolutely right that raids are not fair. Offense has ginormous advantages over defense. I win 85% of my (outgoing) raids, based on a tally I did recently.

You say you revenged someone three times and lost 100 cups. Stop looking at the rated team power—it’s a guide at best. Like any team, it’s strength is about the synergy among the members, not the individual powers summed. If you lose once, was it because the boards were really bad? If not, why did you revenge twice more?

I find revenging a poor choice generally. Not enough hams to merit my flag. I reroll freely to find a team with a weakness that I have the tools to exploit,


I don’t know if that is true or not. I know that I’ve been surprised by some really nice combos when I raid upwards, but I’ve evaporated weaker teams too. I do know for sure it bothers me a whole lot less to raid a stronger team and lose 10 trophies than it does to raid a weaker team and lose 50.


Hi there!

Threads are typically closed if the Forum Rules are being violated or ignored, or if it appears the OP (1) has been answered, (2) is making a similar post that has already been answered elsewhere on the Forum.

Calling out a Staff or Moderator is just likely to get your thread closed.

As regards your post. Your contention is that Raids are unfair. Please make your case. Preferably with screenshots. Per Forum Rules, keep the discussion constructive. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Please be civil and respectful towards other members of the forum and particularly the moderators. They do a great deal of work for the benefit of all, completely without compensation of their time.



Moderators are paid in praise and taxed in grief. The pay is too low and the taxes too high!


Thanks y’all. Appreciated. :slight_smile:


I never liked raids at all but currently I am most wanted opponent. Was 3 hours offline and was attacked 9! times. Won 2, 2 were revenges and rest normal new attacks. Lost 160 trophies. Only one attacker had more team power than I have…than beeing offline again for some hours. Attacked 5 times (no revenges this time) won 2 lost 3. But for those three I lost 105 trophies because of the much weaker enemies. This is strange man!

I have nothing against moderators, but it is totally true that revenges and fight are not fair, and I am pretty sich of the typical answer, there is a random component, etc,etc. The truth, what I live is that a player with 2890 points has won me twice right now ( and I have 3567) but I never, never has won anybody with more power than me.
Please, if the only answer is, everybody could win everybody, forget about it. I want a solution not excuses
Thank you

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I am not sure why there is a reticence to accept the fact that there is an element of luck associated with battle in this game. I tried to post a video where my 3700 power team defeated a 4150 power team. Partially due to luck, but there is an element of strategy as well. You change your team up to suit your opponent. You get to see what you are up against. The defense is set and does not change. You can adjust the team that you bring into the fray. Yes, you can suffer from a locked board and Yes, you can end up with an unfortunate number of the wrong colored tiles.

But there are times when, by choosing the right team, having the right synergy and getting the appropriate tiles at the right time, a lower powered team can overcome a higher powered team. Otherwise there would be no reason at all to actually fight the battles. You’d just compare strength’s of the teams and hand out the rewards, which would be far less interesting.


If they start with 240 trophies more than you, there is no way you’re losing 100 trophies. You’re gonna lose about 40 at most from 3 defeats.
If a much weaker team has way more trophies from you, you’re obviously doing something wrong. If you lose to them twice, you’re obviously doing something wrong. If you lose to them 3 times, you only have yourself to blame. Same goes for you @CLEASINCROMICO if you’re repeatedly losing against weaker teams, you have a bad team composition/strategy, and until you learn you are gonna keep losing. Take note of the advice from @Kerridoc and learn the importance of synergy within the game.

@Sorsha also take it on board, I understand you’re not ranting like the other two but bare in mind that team power is meaningless in this game, there’s a good chance that they have a mix of heroes that seem weak alone, but compliment each other well. Boldtusk + Gormek + Sonya + Hu Tao + Little John, for example. They don’t seem too strong on their own but together they could rip a stronger team apart with a couple of decent combos and some half-decent timing. And if you’re getting attacked by fresh, non-revenge, opponents, bare in mind there is always a decent chance that they show a weak defence team to keep their trophy count where they want, but they’re attacking you with a much stronger team that you can’t see.

One last thing to keep in mind is that if you’re getting hit more often, it generally means you’re getting a high trophy count, which means you’re doing something right, and you just have to take the rough with the smooth until you figure out an effective defence strategy to hold them off more often.

If you’re actively raiding others, you’re inviting revenge attacks, you can’t stop that. I can raid someone, play for a few more hours before stopping, and then get revenged by them within 2 minutes of logging out.

I’ve also had people lose to me in attacks that were not revenges. I get the notification, and if I’m bored I’ll log in to check, and play for an hour or so. Log back out and that same person will hit me again. As it’s not a revenge attempt, so they can’t find me when they want to, it means that person has sat looking the rematch screen for an hour or more just waiting for me to log out again. Some people will just obsess over a defeat.


May I suggest that you reconsider your raid offensive and defensive teams?

Also, you cannot know the power of the raider’s attack team. You know the power of her defense team, but she may put up an intentionally weaker defensive team to drop cups. She may have a 4100 power attack team. Cup dropping is a pretty common strategy, as it’s easier to find raids to fill your heroes wanted chest if you start from a low base.

All that said, I’ve been raiding on two different accounts hundreds of times, and I can routinely find and win raids, and I can set defensive teams that routinely keep me at an equilibrium level of cups of my choosing. So you argue that raids are broken, but that’s not been my experience.

If there is no problem, there is nothing to solve.


Ok, this made me laugh out loud. I had this vision in my head of some fat, sweaty guy eating cheetos in a coaster chair staring intently at the computer screen chanting, “Log out you bastard. I dare you.”


Right? It’s mad. I have to double check to make sure it’s the same person. Leave the basement, there’s a world outside.


The light, it burns us! It burns us!



20 characters …

Here a little update. Still most wanted opponent in raids (cannot understand why). When I got online this morning I was attacked 19!!! times and lost over 170 trophies. Fair or not? What do you think?
From my point of view it should be impossible that a single player is attached so often. I have just 6 attacks maximum. Why can I be attacked 3 times more than I can have a revenge?

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