Revenge raid tracked as a new raid

What the heck? I did a revenge this morning and lost so I attempted again. I won the 2nd attempt. I log in now and they’ve revenged me!?!? My 2nd attempt was counted as a new raid, not a revenge.

I see that thee have been a few other reports of this without any comment from the devs. Anyone else seeing this?

Yes I’m opening a support ticket…

iirc, the difference is when you hit “rematch” it no longer counts as a revenge but becomes a raid. I think you have to go back to the watchtower and hit “revenge” again for the system to track it correctly.

Hmm… not according to the “helpful articles” that were suggested when I opened the support ticket. If that is in fact the case, I’ll update my post. :blush:

I could be misremembering, I’ll try to check my own revenges when my chest is up in a few hours.

Raiding Is on cup score it’s totally possible you revenged and won then that person raided and you showed up in there raid. Its not that common the odds are out there but does happen more than you think.

This has been previously reported and a possible explanation given by @DaveCozy

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Thank you!!! That’s exactly what happened. I remember thinking that I was happy that I started at the bottom because it would have been pushed off otherwise and it was an interesting team composition.

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