Revenge out of the 280 trophies gap

I took the screenshots few seconds after the revenge:

As you can see, the trophies gap AFTER the revenge is 310 .
Before it was 422 !!!

If nothing has been changed, should not be possible to revenge if the trophies gap is bigger than 280 .

No, that’s not how the system works. You cannot “roll up” a new raid that is outside the +/-280 cup window. You can always revenge someone.

You’ve always been able to revenge regardless of cup differential.

It’s rematching that no longer happens outside of 280.

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Rematch is losing the first of your attacks and then fighting again; the topic at hand there was someone rerolling to a +50 cup fight, lost the first round, and then fell out of the 280 cup window and was unable to rematch (happened once to me yesterday of all things).

Revenge is a different mechanic: you get your shots regardless of cups.

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Odds are if you refreshed the data it wouldn’t be outside 280; probably just another caching issue TBH.

They’re all over the place if you look for them.

Beyond that I don’t know, seems to work reliably for others.

LOL we all know the creepy Knight avatar is Zero.

Now, if the game ever shows me Zero as a possible opponent, I am not sure whether I would run away screaming and hide in the basement - or whether I should knock on his door and hand him a few cups as a present :slight_smile:

Fortunately, this has not yet happened :wink:

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