Revenge option steals food

Revenge option steals food when at this question the player press YES. It steals because, it do not alert that YES instead of NO cost food. Why it should? Is it a user fault? Leave behind a dirty trick to avoid small fees… :innocent:

*** REPORT ***

  1. player goes to have a Revenge
  2. the opponent is online in the meantime
  3. player receive the choice of “try again”
  4. pressing yes, another opponent is chose
  5. some food got stealer from the player without any preventive alert

*** REQUEST ***

Fixing the bug is quite obvious: alert the player that some food would be taken XOR go back to 1-1 battle current opponent.

However, it would be nice to have a secret trick to avoid paying food fee when chosen opponent is too strong. Go to the tower, try a revenge and take it and hoping that the opponent would be online to avoid the revenge as well and scan for some less powerful opponents [cups run] saving food fee which is annoying for beginners.

Why leaving gehind a dirty trick?

  1. community spirit: “we old-goldies-days player knew such a thing you beginers never could imagine…”

  2. every respectful game and development team leave behind dirty tricks and Easter eggs to amuse the player and “f**k their greed editor”

Be subversive, not fool! :sunglasses:

That’s not a bug. If you select to attack another opponent, it does a reroll just like if you go into the raid window, find a team, and then reroll. The fact that it will cost you a reroll’s worth of food could probably be better marked though.

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Indeed. Should be noticed, which is not. :blush:

However, I did not submit it like a bug because it is just a missing warning on a small amount of resources. Nothing really of being sick of.

Moreover, it could be a nice place in which put a dirty tricks for experienced players. After all, the commitment of those discover and keep a secret is higher than the lost. E.g. in my case is about between 1 and 2 gems of food but it would a trick that help me to take higher the cups ratio.

Would be unfair? Not so much because, higher is the cups ratio, more powerful the opponents will came. So the trick will trick myself down in the long run.

After all, it would be just a dirty trick to show others friends and player just to show them how much in deep you know the game!

That’s the life! :joy:

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