Revenge optimization

I have some idea concerning revenge:

1 - adding a sort of green or red circle on peoples in tower to see if people you want to revenge are online so you dont have to tap revenge and get the “you cant revenge online people” message every time or checking their profile.
This way, its quicker and less annoying.

2- if people you want to attack is online for more than 3 hour after getting attacked. You can revenge them while they,re online. You get +50% more food/iron and trophies to punish people you attack for being online too often just to avoid being attacked.

disconnecting and reconnecting wont save you from the 3 hours rules.
The 3 hour rule reset after 30 minutes disconnected.
Reconnecting before the 30 minutes will resume the 3 hour timer.

Its 1 timer for each raid you made.
After the 3 hour mark, you get a notification that says that you can revenge “x” when you want.

  • everybody can get a warning message that they’re playing for too long.

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