Revenge of the nerds currently have spots available come join our diverse family of nerds! we want you

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Continuing the discussion from Are you a Nerd?:nerd_face::

@zephyr1 A merge maybe? :slight_smile:


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


I would have to speak with our leader about that

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Haha I was actually talking about merging the two recruitment posts. It is against the forum rules to open multiple posts for the same alliance recruitment thats why I just tagged one of the moderators, so that he can merge the posts under one post. :slight_smile:


Thank you I didnt realize

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Hello! I am most certainly a nerd and would love to join your alliance:

That said, Im clueless about how to actually gain an invite this is my invite link

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Go to alliances, search for The Revenge of The Nerds. Duck is our leader. I am Fre the recruiting coleader. When you find us say Fre sent you GOOD LUCK HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!

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