Revenge of enemies when you are online? [SOLVED: You can be revenged while online in the Top 100]

I was fighting raid, one player did revenge attack and i was online all the time. I thought you cant attack or revenge players when they are online?

Did you hit world’s top 100? Players from top 100 can be raided even if they’re online.


if the attack started while you was offline & came online during that attack it would seem like you had been attacked while you was online

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@zephyr1, @Garanwyn, @Kerridoc, possible merge?

It could be you were being raided as you got online, or you could be the “owner” of a Province, in which case they can attack you while online.
Also if you are in the top 100 you can be attacked wether online or not.
Good Luck in your future battles!!

Ok ty, didn’t know that you can be attacked when in top 100


Well congrats on being in the top 100!! That’s awesome!


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