Revenge Loophole

I’ve seen this a number of times. Whether this player is cup dropping or just being a punk to prevent others revenging to get hero kills towards trophy filling. Setting a team up less than a full 5 heroes SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED.



Wait til his iron tops 20k and then thank him for the contribution to your next building. Or skip the revenge.


Regardless. It’s wuss play. It doesn’t deserve the wasted flag.

The game allows it; so it’s within the rules. Nothing is “wuss play” if it gains an advantage - it’s tactically wise. That said, there is a strong argument for the game to alter rules to disallow the tactic as it does seem to be ‘gaming the system’ somewhat.

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I’ve seen similar tactics in war defense when mixing unleveled characters in flanks and wings behind a fully leveled 5 Star. This lowers the team power and can trick an unsuspecting player into bringing less than optimal characters. The single 5* then proceeds to wipe them and they have completely wasted a flag and 5 characters… Strategy and winning in war may not seem fair at all.

In fact, finding a method within the allowed rules to gain an advantage is kind of what gaming is all about. Even though it is expressly forbidden to cheat and game the system in the TOS, it’s inherent to manipulating the game mechanics in your favor, the same way you try to build synergy in your team to win challenge events, or at least make it to the end so you can carpet bomb(because SGG makes it too hard to win otherwise)

We really devolve into a moral debate beyond this…

Think about it:. In real war, you might feign weakness to lure your enemy to an easy kill. A cunning enemy will use such strategy against you. One of the really enjoyable parts of this game is learning how to outwit the enemy. There are so many layers, but this is one of the easiest ones to discern…and when I had the “aha” moment it made me want to do more strategizing. Just my opinion. I will tire of this game when I figure it all out…and I expect it to be a while :hugs: :bouquet:

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Taking candy from a baby


Give me iron

You can also save them until your Wanted Hero Mission Chests is in cool down. It does not matter if it is 1 hero for 1 raid energy if you do not have an active hero chest.

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you arent always filling the chest. when you dont need hero kills, take the easy win. what is the problem?

To defend my point so you can debate manipulation of game mechanics automatically devolves us into moral debate. I’m well aware of this game and all its pitfalls. I’ve been playing E&P for over 2 years. So I don’t fall for the lure trick. So yes, players like you apparently enjoy picking on the little guy. How about you raid a full on emblemed 5* team like mine and do your best to school my tactics. You continue your dishonorable play, and I’ll be just fine with mine.

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Sorry. You have confused the roles.
I have fallen victim to this in wars…
Yes I don’t have multiple emblemed five star teams, so I pick and choose which heroes to bring to battle.
I went back and reread my post, I’m not sure how you interpreted that I was the aggressor.
Perhaps I simply know what I’m meaning when I write it out, so I hear it in the tone with which it was written.
In any case, your apology is accepted. I’m not mean, nor aggressive, nor manipulative, nor do I apply this tactic / cheat in war or raids.

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