Revenge Bug! (Sukable)

Has anyone else experienced this bug called suckable? I reported it to customer service to no avail. It had to have happened after I updated 3 days ago overnight morning. When I awoke around 2a.m. I went to revenge, but I couldn’t dugout never being offline I also noticed the indifference of two messages of invalid opponent along with “you cannot attack suckable right now, this raid is unavailable at the moment”, it’s still there I don’t know how is weaker and is said to have won 3 out of 4 times, 40 trophies + of the 4 battles.

It also states that I defeated him 1 time, how is this possible and when I click to revenge him/her I get those 2 messages. Read above.
So, if anyone can help with this bug I’d appreciate it!!! Customer service if you read this please resolve it and give back my trophies!!!

Thx in advance!!!

Um, trying to decipher this …

Is the opponent dugout or suckable?

The win it shows you have could be a defense win where you were attacked by them. I am not sure how they could have beat you 3 times though. Send a screenshot of that to support. Only they can help with this if it is a bug.

As for weaker, it is not that hard for a weaker opponent to win in attack. I do all the time. Did you check which team they used against you? You do that by tapping the question mark in the corner. Most players do not attack with their defense team.

You get that message if the opponent is online. Maybe they have just always been online when you are.

Yep, did all of that + screenshots, the name may be different with each member, but suckable is it. The player is online doesn’t show just what I stated. I’m thinking that it’s a bug/glitch because I gots day after I updated. I appreciate the advice & thx for reading!!! It’d be nice to show you the screenshots!!! I’ll figure it out because I can send to them, so I’ll see if I can add them here too. Yes I can, check them out & let me know what you think?

Ok that is different from player online. I have never encountered this.

So, it looks like you did actually revenge raid him.
It looks like the flip side of this bug, where someone won a raid, but was credited 2 wins.

Are you saying that you never revenged the first time?

Yes, that was from a rolled for opponent in the raid section, She just took revenge for the attack 5 hours ago. I’m fairly certain you can’t revenge a revenge or I would have posted in this thread the first time.

Sorry, that was a question for @Firewater. I remember there was mention about multiple wins coming out before, but yours was most recent. Which is how I dragged you into this.

Exactly, if you look at the screenshot you’ll see that 31 in red, well that’s them also just wasn’t able to fit all of it on the screenshot. Now, I’m thinking that the glitch was created, then overlapping itself with the wins created a loop or loophole a.k.a ghost or someone with multiple accounts forgot to log off which may have copied itself when used on another device & when they did log out it stuck making it an invalid player!!! SG devs are doing to much with the game probably creating glitches/bugs for different players. I’m just trying to make sense of since support hasn’t reached back out.

My advice with support is to be unfailingly courteous and respectful. If you have a valid issue, they will contact you as almost as soon as they can during Helsinki business hours. If you are just wasting their time (in their opinion) you are kind of doomed. Took me ages to work that one out. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

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